Time for Valentines

15 02 2011

I know we had a Valentine’s Day post yesterday so I apologize for double dipping in the Valentine’s category but I got home last night to find a valentine from sweet Hamlet.  Who knew Boston Terriers were so thoughtful?  Well, I had an inkling…


This confirms Hamlet's thoughtfulness (except for the whole distracted by a sound in the hallway thing) - he got me a valentine!

The outside of the card reads, “Happl Vluntnez Duy” and the inside reads, “What?  YOU try texting with no opposable thumbs!”  Then I responded to Hamlet in text-speak: LOL!  U R so funny!  Thx, ❤ U!

Didn’t you know that everything in text-speak ends in an exclamation point?  Well it does, makes things more exciting that way!!!!!

Then Hamlet made it clear he was tired and ready for bed by a) not responding to my text speak, b) curling up in an even tighter ball on the bed, and c) giving me the bedroom eyes.


Can you tell this photo shoot was done right before bed time?

What’s that, Hamlet?  You don’t care if I didn’t get you a card because I gave you that new rope toy?  Hamlet?  Ham?  Hammy?



Ok, full on sleeping now. Good thing he got to see my smiling face when I first opened it.

On the inside was a nice paw-written message, “Love – Hamlet.  I am so glad that you rescued me and gave me a wonderful home.  You are kind, fun, loving, and devoted!  Hammy”  Hamlet must really like his name because he signed it twice!  🙂


It's nice to have a man who isn't afraid to share his true emotions.

I feel like such a special, lucky girl to have a mother dog who cares about me so much.  Thanks, Mom Hammy!

Did you receive any cards or gifts from your pets?  Did you give them anything for Valentine’s Day?  I gave Hamlet a rope toy that’s winterfresh scented – classy is the way we do it in the Green Eggs & Hamlet household.


Single Black Female

17 06 2010

I just couldn’t help but sharing this little tidbit.  It’s an email forward that Hamlet and I got a big hoot out of.  You didn’t know that Boston Terriers can “hoot”?  Well they can.  Snort, wheeze, sneeze, fart, bark, growl, snuggle, HOOT!

Isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?  Ok, how about the cutest thing you’ve seen today?  Who can resist a black lab puppy?  I know I can’t.  I have a special place in my heart for labs since I grew up with two of them as pets (one black and one yellow).

And let’s give a hand to the folks at the Atlanta Humane Society who sure know how to use their noggins when it comes to finding those pooches their permanent people – so creative!

Do you know of any good animal shelter stories or creative ideas for gettin’ the word out?  Post them in the comments so we can all share in the wealth of knowledge.  Have you gotten any good email forwards lately?  Send them along to Hamlet (check out the Woof! section on the sidebar for his email address) and I promise he’ll hoot for you too.

Love, Hamlet

16 02 2010

Since I didn’t wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day on February 14th, I am making the love last all week to make up for it.  This doesn’t mean that I will be pushing romance, red roses, and conversation hearts like a used car salesman in need of his next deal.  It does mean that each day this week we’ll be celebrating love, loving friendship, things we love and anything else that strikes our fancy as loving.

Yesterday you saw the valentine Hamlet received from his cousins Mary Kate (human) and Munson (fellow Boston Terrier).  Today I’m showing you how Hamlet sends his Valentines.  The process breaks down as this: I create the cards, and write the message in each (while Hamlet watches adoringly), then Hamlet signs them.

The result is a little something like this (made on http://www.Shutterfly.com):

Hamlet's valentine to his human cousin, Mary Kate.

I included Hamlet and Mike on my valentine to my grandparents.

Hamlet's paw print signature.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little e-valentine from Hamlet.  Consider it a hug with a big lick on the face from ol’ Ham.  His blog readers hold a special place in his heart so he wanted to make sure you all knew that you’re very loved.  Woof xoxo woof.  Love, Hamlet

*Shutterfly did not request that I write this post or reward me in any way for it.  I am simply listing Shutterfly as the source of these particular cards in case you are interested in creating your own and because I personally enjoy Shutterfly and have had great results with their products and services.

Special Delivery

15 02 2010

A few weeks ago Hamlet got his first piece of mail.  Apparently people just can’t express their loving sentiments enough for this little guy because this week he got his second postal delivery.  While Hamlet has been talked about in many an email, these are the first pieces of correspondence where he is the recipient and not just the subject.  I think Hamlet feels pretty special, since snail mail seems to be less and less common these days.  Everybody loves getting mail, right?  Dogs included.

This second piece of mail came from my fellow Boston Terrier lover, Mary.  She is the boy’s sister-in-law and my partner in crime.  Let’s just say Mary and I go together like me and cereal.  Not comfortable with me and cereal?  Then we’ll use a more tried and true analogy – think peanut butter and jelly.  Mary is probably the peanut butter since my name rhymes with jelly.  Back to the mail…

Technically the mail isn’t from Mary; it’s from a couple of really special creatures in this world.  I’ll let the picture speak for itself.  Just be sure to pause and do the necessary “awwwwwww…”  I know you can’t hold back, go ahead.

Mary Kate & Munson live in Ohio so they have never met Hamlet.

Those two little beauties are Mary Kate (Mary’s daughter) and their Boston Terrier, Munson.  Mary Kate and Munson are the best of friends – don’t they make the most adorable team?  They’re stellar valentine makers to boot!

Precious little Mary Kate is on the front of the card.

In Ham’s opinion, this card was super special because it was addressed solely to him.  (Mike and I were simply the intermediaries blessed with opposable thumbs who opened the envelope.)  Plus, he’s two for two in 2010 for receiving mail for major holidays (first New Year’s and now Valentine’s Day).

That’s the latest from Hamlet’s mail bag.  Two pieces of mail and counting.  Before I know it, he’ll be getting his own credit card applications and coupon flyers.

Are you interested in sending Ham a letter but are fresh out of stamps?  Check out the Woof! section in the column at right and send him an email.  It will definitely make his day.

Hamlet the Houseguest

11 08 2009

Last weekend I was in Boulder, CO for a very close friend’s wedding.  The wedding was absolutely beautiful and it was a raucous time to get to see all of my friends from college, a sort of reunion and wedding all rolled into one.  While I spent last Wednesday through Friday at various wedding-related events, the boy and Hamlet held down the fort at home.

The bride walks down the aisle with her dad.

The bride walks down the aisle with her dad.

On Saturday, however, the boy and I stayed overnight in Boulder for the wedding.  Since we were going to be gone most of the day Saturday and not returning until later Sunday afternoon, it was only logical to leave Hamlet with someone.  My mom and stepdad did a great job of watching him while we spent five days in Ohio in July but my parents were also invited to this wedding and were also staying overnight in Boulder so they were not an option.  Most of my friends whom I would trust to watch Hamlet were also going to the wedding so I asked my brother Gabe and his girlfriend Kari if they would petsit Hamlet while we were gone.  After a warning from Kari that Hamlet shalt not “drop any deuces on the floor” while at their house, the plans were made.

Mike dropped Hamlet off at Wash Park with Gabe and Kari while they were playing kegball (I assume this is some combination of kickball and drinking from a keg, although I can’t say for sure, having never participated myself) with his basic care instructions (walks, bathroom breaks, no human food).  As pet parents are prone to do, throughout the weekend the boy and I wondered how he was getting along and if he was behaving well.  Then while coordinating Hamlet’s pickup on Sunday afternoon, I received the following text message from Gabe: “Call me that is fine may keep him though sorry.”  My parents had had the same reaction (threatened not to return him) after watching Hamlet for five days – he must really be a good houseguest!

Hamlet’s pickup went off without a hitch and while Gabe had to hurry off to a photo shoot for his clothing company, I asked him if Hamlet was well behaved.  Amazed, he replied, “He didn’t even pick up a sock off the floor or anything!”  Back at home, the boy and I and our friends Amanda and Aaron were enjoying some post-wedding rest on the couch when Hamlet filled the room with a no-bones-about-it dog fart.  Several more came after that.  Then the boy took a nap in the bedroom for a while and when he woke up searched for five minutes for where Hamlet had pooped in the house because it smelled so foul.  Amanda, Aaron and I explained that he had been hanging out with us the whole time and had not pooped, only dropped his farts on us like Napalm on the Vietnam jungle.

Yesterday a few emails went around about Hamlet’s stay at their house.  Here’s a great one from Kari:




Yes, the image quality is not the greatest but focus your eyes on the gastronomic wonder that is “some human food (meat, cupcakes, etc.)!”  Apparently meat and cupcakes are only the least of Hamlet’s problems since “etc.” could entail anything.  Kegball probably includes potato and/or macaroni salad but what about watermelon…our friendly intestinal nightmare, corn…or – horror of horrors – baked beans!  I was attributing Hamlet’s upset stomach to nerves or getting into a few morsels at the kegball bbq but then find out that he had been hanging out in the lap of meat, cupcakes, and etc. luxury.  What a weekend for him and what a Sunday night for us, gagging and fanning in fresh air through the sliding glass door.

I think we can all agree that dog farts are the worst; they seem so much more potent than their human counterparts.  Or, as Aaron put it, “dog farts are sticky, they hang around for a while.”  Does anyone have a nightmare dog fart story to share?