A Day in the Ham: Couch Cuddling

16 02 2011

"You never told me your mother was so comfortable to lounge against."

It’s been foreeeeeever since I’ve posted A Day in the Ham so time to start back up again!

Date: February 14, 2011

Details: Hamlet and my mom snuggling on the couch watching the first night of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.  I swear Hamlet wasn’t plotting my death, his face was just caught at an awkward angle.  Or he was a little bit perturbed that I interrupted his snuggling and snoozing with a photo.  Or he was mad that I didn’t give him any of my steak from dinner.  Or all of the above, you decide.

Bonus: Isn’t my mom just the sweetest dog grandma?  She even has a dog grandma name – “Ham’s Gram.”


A Day in the Ham: Dressed Up Walk

14 07 2010
Mike Hamlet dressed up walk

Hamlet says, "I still one-upped you by wearing my tuxedo."

Date: July 9, 2010

Details: On a walk around the neighborhood.  Usually the boy walks Hamlet after work because he gets home before I do.  On this day he went for happy hour (it was Friday, people!) so I got home before he did and took the Boston Terrier for his rounds.  The boy then met up with us mid-walk.

Bonus: Look how handsome the boy is in his work clothes.  And the sunglasses add a level of mystery, don’t you think?

*This post was originally scheduled for posting on July 9, 2010 instead of July 14, 2010 but I had trouble with my new WordPress app on my Android phone (HTC Evo).  Thankfully I’ve now worked it out so can get back to posting on the go.

Is anyone else a WordPress Android user? Do you have tips or tricks?  I’d love to hear about it!

A Day in the Ham: Down and Dirty

29 05 2010

"Wading in the creek and rolling in the dirt afterward does have its drawbacks."

Date: March 2010, the first really nice day (weather-wise) of the year.

Details: Long walk on the trail, much bicycle watching, wading in the creek, and a celebratory dirt bath  followed by a real bath in the human tub.  This photo doesn’t come close to illustrating how dirty I was: I went from black and white to brown and tan.

Bonus: A rare photo of the boy on the blog!

A Day in the Ham: Feeling Bookish

27 05 2010

"I think Shakespeare's early works show much greater symbolism than the latter ones. However, I'm sure it's no surprise that "Hamlet" will always be my favorite."

Look Into My Eyes

3 02 2010

A day in the Ham, round 2.

“You want to drop that food into my mouth.  Your hands are getting heeeeeavy.  Just let go.  The food will not go to waste.  It will go to one very deserving Boston Terrier.  Look into my eyes, my big, beautiful eyes.  Look at me.  Now drop that food…”

Ham Burrito

29 01 2010

This is the first installment of A Day in the Ham.  Consider it a spin on “a day in the life” in which we’ll examine the many facets of Hamlet’s everyday life.  A photo or two, a sentence or two, hopefully providing you with a small break from your everyday life to laugh, “oooh,” “ahhh,” ponder, and boost your hamminess happiness.

So, without further ado, I give you the Ham burrito (a.k.a. hung over Ham after too much tequila):

Roll 20 pounds of ham in a tortilla, I mean Mexican blanket, and serve warm inside a blue crate.

Hamlet loves to burrow under blankets and pillows.  He rarely goes inside his crate but on this night a few weeks ago found it particularly alluring.  All he had to do was ball up his blanket in there, burrow underneath it and voilà! – cozy as the Four Seasons (or should I say Cuatro Estaciones?).