My name is Shelley and I write this blog with the willing cooperation of my Boston Terrier, Hamlet.  He is the perfect companion, a great inspiration in how to sleep 20 hours per day, and a wonderful model for photo shoots.

I’ve always loved animals but dogs have always been highest on the list, probably because they’re easier to keep in the house than a horse.  When I was a kid, my family had two dogs, Shandy (a female black lab/greyhound mix) and McBain (a male yellow lab), and since they passed away, I counted the days until I could get a dog of my own.

In the summer of 2009 my stars aligned.  Not only did my superific boyfriend (a.k.a. “the boy”) and I decide to take the plunge and become roommates, we also agreed that joining in our cohabitation would be a dog.  The boy’s brother’s Boston Terrier, Munson, provided the inspiration and after months of searching and then settling on MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue, we found Hamlet.

Life in a two bedroom apartment with a two year old Boston Terrier is interesting (running laps from the front door to the bed, jumping off the bed, and back to the front door – repeat 38 times) but more than anything is fun and funny so I want to share with you the stories, jokes, and Boston Terror-ism that happens while I view life through dog-colored glasses.


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19 03 2010

I stumbled on your blog and LOVE IT! My husband and I are proud furparents to two Boston Terrors, Lilly Bean and Oliver Von Gustoph. I wanted to invite you to join http://www.woofboard.com, it’s a VERY active forum for Boston Terrier owners.

26 03 2010
Shelley @ Green Eggs & Hamlet

Beth, thanks so much for visiting GE&H! Always happy to meet another Boston Terrier lover. Also thanks for the great tip about Woof Board – what a great site – I’m sure I’ll become a regular.

17 06 2010
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