Happy Valentine’s Day 2013!

14 02 2013

Have you seen the “Hey Girl” meme on the ol’ internet?  It features Ryan Gosling “saying” things that would make any girl swoon.  Although, to be fair, Ryan Gosling could talk international fiscal policy and I would swoon.  He’s sure a tasty treat for Valentine’s Day, isn’t he?

And then some bloggers (like Kelly from View Along the Way) hosted a Hey Girl linky party and I thought it would be fun to Hey Girl-ify Hamlet.  At first I did it just so I could post some funny pics for friends on Facebook but then decided you fine folks should be able to peruse the Haminess too.

Without further ado…



Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  Hamlet sends you wet puppy kisses and warm Boston Terrier snuggles and snorts.




2 responses

14 02 2013

Ah ha ha ha …. cute. Dog’s win every time!


5 04 2017
Queen Gertrude

why did you stop posting?? i really enjoyed seeing what you and your dog got up to. sending love xx

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