Friday Funny: No Time to Explain

15 02 2013

It’s been about 47.2 months since I’ve done a Friday Funny post and I’m in the need for some funny so I decided today’s the day to break the slump!  I love today’s photo for a few reasons:

  1. I am a sucker for photos of an animals that include funny captions of what they’re saying/thinking.  Yes, I might be addicted to I Has a Hotdog.
  2. It features a Boston Terrier.  Obviously.
  3. I love this Bostie’s floppy ears and pudgy middle and distinguished-grumpy face.  I want to squeeze him!
  4. I like to imagine the whole story behind this one photo.  What happened – why is there no time to explain?  Where are we going?  What’s on the mix – please say, “ZZ Ward.”  Do we have enough time to run through Wendy’s for spicy chicken sandies?  Are we allowed to take bathroom breaks?  Are we going to cross state lines?  Did you remember to pack my tempurpedic pillow?

Plus, since this weekend is President’s Day weekend, some of you all might be traveling, maybe taking a road trip, maybe with your dog…anyway, there’s no time to explain!

No Time to Explain Boston

The photo is from Funny or Die’s slideshow, “Sh*t, There’s No Time to Explain…Get In.”  The slide show is pretty darn funny so if you crave more, ah!, there’s no time to explain, just go look.


Happy Valentine’s Day 2013!

14 02 2013

Have you seen the “Hey Girl” meme on the ol’ internet?  It features Ryan Gosling “saying” things that would make any girl swoon.  Although, to be fair, Ryan Gosling could talk international fiscal policy and I would swoon.  He’s sure a tasty treat for Valentine’s Day, isn’t he?

And then some bloggers (like Kelly from View Along the Way) hosted a Hey Girl linky party and I thought it would be fun to Hey Girl-ify Hamlet.  At first I did it just so I could post some funny pics for friends on Facebook but then decided you fine folks should be able to peruse the Haminess too.

Without further ado…



Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  Hamlet sends you wet puppy kisses and warm Boston Terrier snuggles and snorts.