Sacramento Doggy Dash 2012

6 06 2012

Last weekend my four fantastic, beautiful best friends threw me a bridal shower.  It was super fun; I couldn’t have asked for a better bridal weekend.  Extra special was that my friend Amanda flew in from Sacramento to surprise me on Friday night and stayed the whole weekend.  It just reminded me how much I wish Amanda and I lived in the same city.  It would be so fun if she lived in Denver and we could see each other all the time.  Plus, her pup Cash and Hamlet could be besties.

Amanda recently told me that she and her husband, Aaron, and their yellow Lab, Cash, are running in the Sacramento Doggy Dash to benefit the Sacramento SPCA.

Today Amanda asked me if Mike, Hamlet, and I would do it with them.  I said, “yes, of course.”  Sometimes we pretend we live in the same city.  Next week I’m having Amanda and her hubby over for pretend dinner.  I think I’ll pretend cook tilapia and risotto but let me know if you have a better idea.  Cash and Ham can pretend play in the backyard.  The good thing about these pretend dinners is that they are 0 calories.

I hope Amanda, Aaron, and Cash have better weather for their Dash than this:

But even if they don’t, I know they’ll still have fun.  I would still do it, even if it was raining.  Hamlet, on the other hand, would not be excited if I dragged him into the rain.  His face would probably look something like this:

But these two people:

And this little guy:

…I know they’ll have a rockin’ good time no matter what.  They’re troopers like that.  Plus, even if the weather stinks, after the Dash is a Bark at the Park Festival including Pug Races.  How can you not enjoy Pug Races?  I just wish the boy, Hamlet and I could be there too.  Hamlet and I can’t wait to hear the post-dash details from Amanda and hopefully some pictures too.  Now I might have to organize a Boston Terrier race.  I think Hamlet might win; everyone at the dog park is always surprised by how fast he is.  He takes after me a greyhound that way.

Have you ever participated in a race where dogs are allowed or encouraged to attend?  What’s your take on it?




2 responses

7 06 2012

Yay! Love this post. I am really excited about the “race”. It will be Cash’s first official race and the first foot race Aaron and I have done together. We will just be walking, but it should be good. And the weather is supposed to be much better than last year.

9 07 2012

Had to comment here because I also have a dog named Hamlet! He would be awesome at a doggy dash – only if I were allowed to aim the laser pointer ahead of him. Your Hamlet is adorable.

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