End of Radio Silence

25 05 2012

I know it’s been a dog’s age (har har) since I’ve posted here.  I deserve a slap on the wrist and I’m sorry to anyone who follows GE&H and has been missing the musings of a girl who’s mildly obsessed with her Boston Terrier (not that I have ever been super-consistent but I think this last dry spell might be new record).

In any case, I have read a few blog posts lately (yes, I still read blogs, just haven’t been writing on my own) where the blogger posts about a bunch of random stuff that the have fallen behind on sharing – like Katie – or where they return from a non-blogging period – like Erica.  So I’m going to follow suit and a) catch you up on some stuff, random happenings from the last few months, and b) end the radio silence and start blogging again.  I’ll warn you in advance, most of these photos were taken with my phone so probably not the greatest.  Also beware, there are many photos in this post so I don’t blame you if you skip this post or if your eyes glaze over and you just post a nice comment instead ;).  Finally, apologies this isn’t a traditional Friday Funny but I hope you can find some humor in here somewhere; if you can’t then just imagine that you did and try to smile and laugh anyway. Everyone deserves a good smile and laugh on Friday.

Hamlet was diagnosed with a staph infection on Tuesday.  He loves the vet.  See how eager he was for her to enter the exam room?

Open sesame.

Don’t worry, the staph infection is not a big deal.  He’s not contagious and is on antibiotics for ten days and then should be fully cured.  He has some sores in his armpits and on his chest but otherwise you’d never know anything was wrong.  He was also tested for heartworm while he was there and came back all clear.  Thanks, Dr. Skolnick!

I got a new pair of glasses.  I really like them.  They are Marc by Marc Jacobs, in case anyone needs to pick up a pair for their nerdy, slightly acne-ridden, Boston Terrier-loving, 28 year old friend.  Please ignore my flyaway hair and the messy sunroom behind me.

Go Buffs!

A couple of weeks ago Hamlet took a slip and slide on the flagstone patio in our backyard.  There was no water involved, only dirt.  He ended up looking like Pigpen from “The Peanuts.”  The picture doesn’t really do it justice, unfortunately, but he was so dirty he looked gray instead of black.

Who needs humans to scratch your back when there are dirty stones in the backyard?

“I hear gray is THE on trend color for summer.”

Mike and I had our tasting with the caterer for our wedding at the end of March.  The tasting was held at a bakery so we also got to taste wedding cakes.  There were eight flavors.  Strawberry balsamic thyme and chocolate porter with salted caramel frosting were our favorites.  Oh, and the rum cake.  And the coconut.  And the cherry amaretto.  So really everything except the funfetti (I know, I was shocked too).

Don’t worry, the leftovers came home with us.

This is what I gave Mike for Valentine’s Day (what? I told you I was behind on blogging).  I used a deck of cards and wrote a different reason why I love him on each one.  I also used a page from last year’s dog calendar to make him a Boston Terrier card.  It said, “Reason #53 Why I Love You…”  and on the inside, “…you never burst my bubble.”

Cue the collective “awwwwww.”

For the record, Mike got me these awesome pink Nike running shoes for Valentine’s Day.  I’m not usually into pink, but these rock my socks.

At least my feet will look good when I run.

I used them to run the St. Patrick’s Day Runnin’ of the Green, a “lucky” 7K race through downtown Denver.  For the record, I am not a runner.  Mike says I look like a duck when I run, which always reminds me of that episode of “Friends” where Rachel said that Phoebe runs like Kermit the Frog.  My brother Griff and sister-in-law Mollie are the ones who encouraged Mike and me to run it.  They are wonderful people and they are real runners.  I am wearing green Hawaiian shorts which are unfortunately not pictured.  Can we agree that I was swollen that day and that my face isn’t really that chubby?  Thank you.

We look happy because this picture was taken before they ran out of beer.

In February, Hamlet discovered that we have heating vents and that they make strange noises.

“Who are you and why are you breathing your hot breath in my face?”

Also in February, I tried curling my hair with this method that I found on Pinterest.  Why yes, I am wearing penguin print pajamas.  They’re super soft and comfy.  You’re jealous.

Am I the only one who gets sucked in by “no heat curling” hair tutorials on Pinterest?

More from February, we had a few REALLY big snow storms in Denver (it was the snowiest February in Denver history).  These pictures don’t even do it justice (I keep saying that so obviously I need to work on my photography skills).  We Mike shoveled the driveway 18 and 1/2 times.  Mike and I loved the snow.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Hamlet did not love the snow.

“When am I allowed to go back in the house?”

This shot gives a better idea of the depth of the snow.  Just this one storm gave us over two feet.

Thank goodness for fiances who shovel the walk.

Let’s go back to warm weather.  We have a beautiful crabapple tree in our backyard.  I love to admire its blooms in spring.  Hamlet loves to eat the apples it drops at the end of summer.  I clean them up as best I can but Hamlet is like a truffle-sniffing pig except he susses out backyard crabapples.

If there is a crabapple tree that is still pretty but doesn’t drop crabapples at the end of the summer, I’d like to know about it.

Hamlet recently threw up into one of my shoes.  It was my favorite pair of ballet flats.  No they were not expensive.  Yes, Hamlet is ok.  Yes, I threw my shoes into the garbage.  Yes, I think Hamlet puked into my shoe on purpose.  He’s a crafty little fellow.

Today’s special is regurgitated Purina kibble served in an Old Navy ballet flat.

Let’s end on something other than a vomit-filled shoe, shall we?  How about an adorable picture of Hamlet?  Ok, how about two?  First up, Hamlet not wanting to get out of bed in the morning (a.k.a. every morning of his entire life) but showing me his feet.  I think this was the Boston Terrier version of, “talk to the hand” only it was more like, “talk to my butt.”

“Please leave a message with my feet and…Zzzzz…”


Lastly, Hamlet wearing some sort of traditional Boston Terrier-ese head wrap (a.k.a. burrowed slightly under a bedsheet).

“Is it Saturday yet?”

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  We’re planning on camping and off roading in Mike’s suped-up Jeep. I am co-pilot/occasional driver; Hamlet is navigator.  Wish us luck.



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