Friday Funny: Puppy Conan

10 02 2012

If you’re a dog lover (I imagine you are if you’re reading a blog about a silly Boston Terrier named Hamlet), you’re probably familiar with Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl that airs during the Super Bowl.  At my house, we usually change the channel to Puppy Bowl a couple of times throughout the game just to see what those sweet pooches are up to.  This year, we were lucky enough to witness a rare puppy touchdown.  It sounds silly but all eight adults in my living room were cheering and excited.  While describing the scene, I’m realizing we are very easily amused

This week’s Friday Funny is courtesy of my favorite late night talk show host, Conan O’Brien.  Or, if you’re in the know, “Coco.”  Because of the popularity of the Puppy Bowl, Conan decided to puppy-cize his show and I just can’t get over how cute the results are.  Puppy Andy (Conan’s co-host, Andy Richter) is my favorite.

I am currently saving my pennies to buy Hamlet the genuine leather dog couch he’s been pining after, so I’ll just have to link to the video rather than shelling over the dough to WordPress to allow videos on my blog.  Yes, you’re allowed to call me “cheapskate” but I much prefer “frugal,” thank you.  Without further ado, PUPPY CONAN.

Do you watch Puppy Bowl?  Do you watch Conan?  While we’re on the subject, is anyone else disappointed that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season is over?  Is anyone still reading?  Probably not, I imagine I lost you at “Real Housewives.”