Homemade Boston Terrier Stuffed Animals

25 11 2011

What’s better than a Boston Terrier of your very own?  A stuffed Boston Terrier that doesn’t poop, throw up at the top of the stairs, puke in your lap, or vomit on the floor on your side of the bed so you step in it when you wake up in the morning.  (Yes, Hamlet has completed all of those barf adventures in real life. What can I say, he has a gentle constitution.)

How to transition from vomit to stuffed animals?  Stuffed animals are usually for kids and kids throw up a lot so they already have a lot in common with Hamlet.  I figured the boy’s nieces would love a Boston Terrier of their very own.  The problem is, they already have a real-life, snorting, farting, humping Boston Terrier named Munson.  But stuffed animals are better because you don’t have to share with your sister.  Or so I hear.

I found the most darling patterns for Boston Terrier stuffies on Etsy.  The name of the shop is StichyWitchyDesigns and it’s the cutest patootest.  Missy, the owner/operator/seamstress/designer extraordinaire is so kind and helpful and fun.  Plus she ships everything fast and she provides great instructions and is generally fantastic.  You can follow her on Twitter or Facebook too.  Oh my goodness, I just checked out the latest in the Etsy shop and there are super fun things for Christmas like “Boston Terriers are Merrier” dog collars (I told you Missy was fun) and Pit Bull or French Bulldog advent calendars.

I am a lame sauce sewer but even I could put these together, so you can too!  When I say lame sauce, I’m serious.  I’m super slow speed-wise and not very bright smarts-wise when it comes to sewing.  I always ask my mom 79 questions and have to look in the instruction manual every time I sew to re-learn how to thread the bobbin on the machine.  Yes, even with a machine I’m slow as mo-lasses.  But these patterns are literally cutting out the pieces, sewing the pieces together, turning the whole thing inside out, stuffing it with batting, and sewing it closed.  Take a look for yourself, are they not adorabs (adorable for anyone who isn’t following my Shelley-speak)?


Hamlet, it looks like someone is rather interested in you.


Coming in for a closer look...sniff, sniff.


Oh, isn't she pretty?


Is that a custom cupcake ribbon collar you're wearing? And how about that bow? Aren't you pretty!


Just two peas in a pod.


Sometimes best friends don't even have to talk. They can just hang.


We keep an eye out for one another.

What do you think of them?  Do you make handmade gifts?  I always get excited about making handmade and then leave it to the last minute and get stressed and end up eating eighteen Christmas layer bars in one sitting to compensate.  FYI, it doesn’t really help at all with the stress, just with the love handles.

The first pattern I used (the Boston Terrier walking on the grass) is the Boston Terrier pal fabric panel while the second one (the Boston Terrier head) was a pattern called Dottie the Boston Terrier that Stichy Witchy no longer carries.

*I wasn’t compensated in any way to write this post.  I just happened upon Sitchy Witchy Designs while browsing Etsy, loved the products, and wanted to share the news with my favorite blog readers.




One response

30 11 2011
Sally Knight Gilbert

These Boston Terrier gifts are adorable, and I love the photos of them with Hamlet. I hope all the kiddos enjoy their “pets” that were made with so much love.

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