Happy Thanksgiving and Thank You to You!

24 11 2011

Just popping in to say hi and wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.  Hamlet is overloading on stuffing and mashed potatoes so his mouth is too full of carbs to form any words right now.  I’m pretty sure there’s nothing but gravy running in his veins now.

I’m just kidding.  But if I could give him Thanksgiving dinner without harming his health or cleaning up the resulting barf-fest, I would.  I love that dog.  He’s my baby and one of my best friends.  I’m thankful to have him in my life and I hope he’s gaga for me too.  We’re like the duck and the chicken all stuffed inside of the turducken, that’s how close we are.  Turducken besties.

I say all this because, as you know, today is a good day to tell the people in your life that they matter, you love them, you’re grateful for their presence and friendship and jokes and support, all the good stuff that goes with green bean casserole.  So I want to send out a big virtual turkey drumstick to all of you and tell you how much I love it that you stop in on this blog every so often and say hi, read about Boston Terrier antics, and tolerate my not funny jokes and chatty Cathy-ness.

It wouldn’t be the same without you.  You put the green in Green Eggs and Hamlet.  Or the eggs, whatever’s your favorite.  Or the Hamlet, which is why I leave you with a beauty shot of him.  It’s just one of many things I’m thankful for but I sure love seeing that sweet face first thing every morning.





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