Boston Terrier Nesting – A Breakdown

21 11 2011

Hamlet’s new favorite thing in our new house is this old rug that I’ve had since 2004 when I purchased it on clearance at Target.  I think I paid $2.99 for it and I used it in my first ever rental house in Boulder, CO.  We had it at the apartment too but it was in the guest room so Hamlet never noticed it.  He never noticed it because there was a bed in the guest bedroom that got perfect sunlight in the afternoon.  Who would nap on a rug when they have the choice of a sun-drenched bed?  I certainly wouldn’t.  Neither did Ham.  More proof that he’s a genius.

Anyway, back to the rug.  It’s his new favorite thing because he now has a soft place to hang out in the kitchen.  Anyone else have a dog that does not like to sit on hard surfaces and all out refuses to lay down on them?  To the point that when he sits down on the sidewalk he often backs his butt up until he can rest his rump on my shoe.  No, just me?  Moving on, then.  We were the people in dog training class whom the teacher had to lay out a carpet scrap for, otherwise Ham would not do “down” because of the cement floor.  It’s a miracle he passed the Canine Good Citizen test without the use of his beloved carpet scrap.

Back to the rug, again.  A lot of times I am cooking or baking in our new (to us) kitchen.  I could tell Hamlet wanted to sit in there with me but I knew he didn’t like sitting or laying on the hardwood floor.  So I found the rug in a box I was emptying and put it in front of the cabinet with the sink so I can stand on it when I wash dishes.  It’s also one of Hamlet’s favorite spots, provided one of us human-givers-of-food is in the kitchen.

Tonight he decided he loved the rug so much that he tried to nest in it.  Anyone else have a dog who digs and roots around in blankets until he makes a perfect nest and then circles around and lies down?  No, just me?  Nesting in an 18″ long rug is a difficult feat.  No way to fluff it up and pat it back down or make the perfect tunnel to burrow into like with a fleece blanket or comforter.  The rug does not want to be nested but Ham is insistent.  Here’s a photo breakdown of the nesting attempt on the kitchen rug.  It’s a lot of pulling this way, pushing that and it ends up the exact same as it started.  But he seems to be pleased with his efforts and that’s what counts.














2 responses

22 11 2011

Love that little bugger! Cash definitely prefers soft surfaces, but when we come back from a hot run, he likes to lay on the hardwood to cool off. His funniest nesting habit is when he lays across the back of the couch like the cat. He is actually there right now. 🙂

23 11 2011
Shelley @ Green Eggs and Hamlet

I love picturing Cash laying on the back of the couch! What a sweetie.

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