Friday Funny: Berkley Illustrations

14 10 2011

Thanks to the latest post from Urban Grace Interiors I was turned on to Berkley Illustrations, a lovely Etsy shop of animal art prints.  These are no ordinary animals, though, as evidenced by the dapper Labrador below.

I am getting the biggest kick out of animals in fancy dress!  It doesn’t stop at dogs, though.  Berkley Illustrations has lions, cheetahs, sloths, goats, even Tyrannosaurus Rex.  There are ladies as well as men – check out the classy cow.  And the goat eating his own tie?  Kills me!

I am also loving the high school superlative magnets!  Best eyes for the deer, get it?

Of course Shark wins best smile with his toothy grin.  Don’t miss Lion hanging out in the corner.

And the yearbook pages used as a background, just the frosting on this delicious funfetti cake!  You can check out all of the Berkley Illustrations goodness in their Etsy shop.  I think a few of these would be fantastic in a kid’s room or nursery.  Or my master bedroom but don’t tell the boy fiancé I said that, not sure if he’d agree.

All images sourced from the Berkley Illustrations Etsy page.




3 responses

15 10 2011

I loved the work you did in this blog.

15 10 2011

I love Berkley Illustrations – they are so fun and very clever!

7 11 2011
Shelley @ Green Eggs and Hamlet

Thanks, Blanket ID, totally agree!

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