Spotted: Jenny Yoo Bridal Collection

13 10 2011

The latest in our Spotted feature is very timely.  Just over a week ago I got engaged and now I’m spotting Boston Terriers on bridal gown websites.  Yes, I’m already on the great hunt for a wedding dress but while checking out Jenny Yoo’s bridal collection, I happily stumbled across this adorable Boston Terrier.

I like to imagine that it’s a female Boston Terrier named Penelope.  Isn’t the white blossom on her collar just the bees knees?  Yes, I still use that expression.  No, I’m not 84 years old.

Jenny Yoo is one designer currently on the top of my list for wedding gowns.  I love the classic, elegant lines that also seem to maintain a comfortable, easy feel.  I even love the necklace the model is wearing in this photo.  And for any brides out there, the dress in the picture is a style called Aimee #1116B and costs $1,199.

I promise Green Eggs and Hamlet won’t turn into a wedding blog.  I may foray into wedding details now and again but ultimately this blog is about Hamlet and that’s happily how it will remain.

Image sourced from the Jenny Yoo website.




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