Spotted: Urban Grace Interiors’ NYC Trip

5 07 2011

I recently spotted an adorable Boston Terrier on Urban Grace Interiors, a wonderful blog written by interior designer/stylish momma/Terrier enthusiast, Erika.  Erika owns and operates (with the help of some other super chic gals) an interior design business, also called Urban Grace Interiors.  On a recent trip to New York City (does it make me sound sooooo not New York that I said “New York City” instead of just “New York”?) Erika was shopping for furniture, accessories, fabric, and so forth and happened by this terribly adorable Boston Terrier in a shop window.  She writes, “There is no way I could pass by this face and not go in for a little pup kiss.  You know I love a b&w terrier.”

Picture via Urban Grace Interiors (click through for source)

You see, Erika owns what she affectionately refers to as “Terrihuahuas,” Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua mixes named Paisley and Penelope.  They are – yep, you guessed it – black and white, hence her proclamation of love for our New York Boston friend (are you confused yet?).  Here’s one of Erika’s Terrihuahuas (apologies because I’m not sure whether this is Paisley or Penelope) howling about something.

Picture via Urban Grace Interiors (click through for source)

Go check out the Urban Grace Interiors blog for more Terrihuahua sightings (fingers crossed for more Boston Terriers too), cute photos of Erika’s toddler daughter, and wonderful design inspiration.  Then come back here and tell me what made-up dog breed name you’ve come up with like Erika did.  I just thought of” Greyador” for my Greyhound/black Labrador mix, Shandy, whom we had when I was a kid.  Or “Labrahound.”  Or “Greyblack.”  Or “Jumparun” (she was a peek over the fence, high-jumping kind of gal and could also run like the wind).  You don’t have to own a mixed breed dog to participate.  It doesn’t even have to be a cross between real dog breeds.  The sky is the limit, use your imagination, just share in the fun.




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