Workin’ at the Car Wash

14 06 2011

A couple of weeks ago, the boy, Hamlet, and I went to my mom and stepdad’s (Steve) house to wash the boy’s Jeep.  We go to their house because they have a driveway, a hose, and plenty of space to maneuver, none of which are the case at our apartment complex.  Hamlet and I mostly sat around and told Mike which spots were still dirty.  Scratch that.  I bopped around taking pictures with my cell phone, while occasionally soaping, scrubbing, or applying tire cleaner but mostly telling Mike when he missed a spot.  Hamlet just laid around and enjoyed being outdoors.

At first Hamlet seemed mildly interested in Mike washing the car.


"Whatcha doing?"

But he quickly got bored.


"Yeah I already saw, he's washing the car. Be sure to get the windows well so I can see out of them clearly."

I also quickly got bored so started posing Hamlet in my hat.


Hamlet, turn around, I can't quite see your face.


Ah, that's better. But try not to look so embarrassed.

Then Hamlet spotted the woodpecker that made its home in the tree in the front yard, much to Steve’s delight and my mom’s chagrin.


This woodpecker was quickly scared away by errant water droplets from the hose. (No, we didn't spray it right at him, we're not those kind of people!)

Hamlet heard some rustling in the grass, found a Garter snake (non-poisonous for anyone not in the know), and chased it into the bush.


"Gotcha! Oh wait..."


"Oh! Now you're over there!"


"I'll just wait here til you're ready to come out."

Hamlet waited for a looooooong time for the snake to reappear.  From time to time he’d think he heard the snake and would pounce once again but never found him.  Then he decided that all that snake chasing gave him snake cooties and he must get rid of them.


"Scratching my back on the bark will get rid of the snake cooties."


"Now I'll use my foot to slightly reposition..."


"Ooooh yeah, that's the spot."


"What? A guy's gotta scratch."


"And I've reached Nirvana."

By this time my mom (a.k.a. Grammy) and Steve (a.k.a. Grandad) had returned home from their errands.  Hamlet and I went inside with them and while Hamlet enjoyed gratuitous attention from his grandparents, I enjoyed homemade iced tea and sparkling conversation with my mom.  Then about 15.5 hours later Mike was done washing, waxing, sparkling, buffing, and loving his Jeep so we could go home.  (Just kidding, Mike, you did a great job on the Jeep and I hope I can convince you to wash and wax my Subaru next.)


"My work here is done."




5 responses

14 06 2011

Hamlet is so brave to go snake hunting! And can Mike wax my car? Aaron washed it on Sunday, but it needs a wax. Thanks in advance Mike!

14 06 2011
Shelley @ Green Eggs and Hamlet

Hamlet loves to hunt the Garter snakes. But I need to do some training so he learns to stay away from rattlers, if we ever encounter one. Does Cash chase snakes?

Mike would be happy to wax your car. I’ll send him out this weekend.

14 06 2011
Sally Knight Gilbert

Come visit us again soon! I wish Hamlet would chase the rabbits out of the yard — they’re taking over the entire neighborhood.
Gram of Ham

17 06 2011
Shelley @ Green Eggs and Hamlet

We’re so lucky and thankful that Ham has such a nice Grammy. I wish we could help you on the rabbit chasing but he’s all but given up on rabbits.

12 08 2014
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