Friday Funny: Pug Recall

29 04 2011

According to The Onion newspaper, breeders have issued a massive recall for all 2007 model Pugs.  The picture below illustrates some of the common defects with Pugs that initiated the recall, the most glaring of which in my opinion is that the folds of skin eventually smother the dog.

via The Onion

You can read the full article from The Onion website here.

*If you’re not familiar, The Onion is a satirical newspaper so no aspect of the Pug recall story should be taken seriously; it is for entertainment purposes only.  Still confused?  Read more about The Onion on Wikipedia.


Dog Friendly San Diego

26 04 2011

I had last Friday off from work so my younger brother Graham and I took a three day weekend to visit our dad in San Diego.  Here are Graham and Dad outside of the Scripps Aquarium in San Diego.


Aren't they handsome?

Throughout our three day vacay to idyllic San Diego we spent a lot of quality time together, drove all around San Diego to take in the sights, ate lots of good food, drank some frosty beverages, visited Scripps Aquarium (which deserves a post all to itself), biked around Coronado Island, and ultimately discussed how dog friendly the area is.  I’ve written about a few of the places we noticed around San Diego for dogs but of course this is by no means an exhaustive list, rather just a couple of observations from a tourist.  Unfortunately I don’t have any of my own pictures to help paint the picture so fire up that imagination.

We ate two different times at a place called Mc P’s Irish Pub on Coronado Island.  They have great food and drinks, friendly service, and a large patio.  The patio is the dog friendly part of Mc P’s – the waitstaff will even bring you a bowl of water for your dog.  From what I could tell, dogs must be on a leash.  Mc P’s is known as a Navy Seal bar but is popular with service men and woman from all of the branches so if you’re looking to “meet the fleet” this is a great spot.  On our second venture to Mc P’s we sat near a lovely six month old Airedale Terrier named Piper; she was quite the little lady.

Mc P's Irish Pub on Coronado Island, San Diego. Picture from Mc P's website.

The patio at Mc P's. Picture from the Mc P's website.

As you would expect, the dog beach on Coronado Island near the Navy base is another very dog friendly spot.  For those not familiar with dog beaches, they’re much like dog parks but with sand and surf instead of grass or dirt.  You’ll want to obey local signs and regulations regarding leash restrictions, etc. since each beach or park varies.  We didn’t go to the dog beach this visit but I have been before (unfortunately without Hamlet in tow) and it’s a hoot, even just to watch all the pooches for a few minutes.  This beach is just off Ocean Blvd. near Sunset Park.  The area in which dogs are allowed is north of North Beach to the North Island (military base) fence.  There is some grass and shrubbery along the walk up to the beach as well as human and dog drinking fountains.

The sign at Coronado Island Dog Beach, courtesy of Mr.Martee on flickr.

We also drove by the Del Mar Dog Beach and it looked beautiful.  I don’t have as much detail about this beach since we just happened by it while in Del Mar but as far as scenery, it was lovely.  The beach is technically called North Beach but dog lovers refer to it as Dog Beach.  It’s located north of 29th Street and stretches to the border of Solana Beach.

This article on dog friendly parks and beaches in San Diego provides more details and maps about the above mentioned beaches and a host of others I’ve never visited.  You can also check out Go Pet Friendly for restaurants, parks, and hotels all across America that are dog friendly.  The Go Pet Friendly folks are also on Twitter and I’ve found them quite friendly and responsive to questions and so forth.

As a Boston Terrier sidenote, I’ve started playing a new game while traveling outside of my home base in Denver.  It’s called How Many Boston Terriers Can You Spot?  San Diego is currently in the lead since I saw four Bostons on my trip there last weekend.  The other competing cities have been Grand Rapids, MI and Milwaukee, WI on a recent business trip, each of which racked up zero.  Sacramento made a decent showing in January with one Boston spotted while on a walk with Cash and my bestie Amanda.  Am I the only weirdo who plays this game while traveling?  I imagine if you have a Labrador, Golden Retriever or other more popular breed it would be more difficult to keep track.

Do you make mental notes of dog friendly places while you travel?  What are your experiences with dogs and travel?  Hamlet has yet to come along on any kind of vacation other than camping; he usually experiences his own vacation of sorts while I’m away in which he’s spoiled at Chateau Grammy et Grandad (a.k.a. my mom and stepdad’s house).  I’m hoping I can bring him on an airplane in the next couple of years because I think it would be great fun to have him along on a “real” vacation.  Fingers and paws crossed…

Shelby + Shelley = Love

1 04 2011

I’ve always thought about getting Hamlet a companion to play with and I’ve decided we’re ready to take the plunge.  So this morning I called local no-kill animal shelter MaxFund and made an appointment for tomorrow to go meet this little lady.

Her name is Shelby and yes, she is a cat.  Isn’t she gorgeous?  Plus I think it’s darling that her name is Shelby, so close to my name (Shelley).  When I saw Steel Magnolias as a little girl I wanted to name  my daughter Shelby like Julia Roberts’s character.  I don’t have a daughter but I will soon have a Shelby cat (paws crossed!) so I think the fates have aligned.  Shelby + Shelley = Love.

Shelby’s listing on the MaxFund website describes her as sweet, affectionate and a lover of people.  While she prefers to live in a home without other pets or children, she has lived with a dog before so a quiet dog who leaves her alone will be just fine.  I think Hamlet fits the bill purrfectly (get ready for a lot more cat puns in upcoming posts).  I can’t wait to meet this cat with a “heart of gold” and bring her home.

Like I said, tomorrow is our meet and greet appointment and if all goes well then I’ll go back with Hamlet so he can meet her too.  I’m sure he’ll love her as much as I do and we can bring Shelby home as a new happy family member.

Now if you are a regular reader or know me at all, you’ll know I don’t consider myself a cat person.  Crazy dog lady – yes!  Cat lady – no thank you.  You may also remember my Hamlet’s motto, “Dogs rule, cats drool.”  So it should come as no surprise to you that this is the first of April and the joke’s on you.  April Fool’s!

If there’s ever another pet in the Green Eggs and Hamlet household, it will certainly be a dog.  Well, never say “never,” right?  But since just this morning I witnessed a rather nasty stand-off between Hamlet and the black cat from next door (much rearing up and harumphing from Hamlet and hissing from the cat included), I don’t think a cat would be the best choice.  Especially considering Shelby is a cat that prefers no other pets or a quiet dog.

The good news for cat lovers is that Shelby is a cat in need of a new home (her previous family had a baby and another on the way and she didn’t do well with the changes in the household) and is at MaxFund and would love to meet you.  See?  I can be an ambassador for felines without wanting one of my own.

But, just in case there is any confusion, please let me submit this video (on YouTube via Cravendale, an English milk company) for evidence that dogs are loyal animal companions and cats are two-faced curs vying for world domination and human submission.

p.s. Please, please watch that YouTube video.  If you don’t die laughing, then I’m afraid we can no longer be interweb friends, for that is what the interweb is for – sharing silly cat videos.

p.p.s. The part about me watching Steel Magnolias as a child and wanting to name my future daughter Shelby is 100% true – just ask my mom.