Featured on Project DOG

8 03 2011

I saw a tweet last week about submitting dogs for use in Project DOG.  I wasn’t familiar with Project DOG, so I clicked the link in the tweet and learned:

Project DOG is a new grassroots movement aimed at bringing together the worlds of purebred and rescue dogs through a creative, modern dog photography project. The quest is simple. To find and photograph all 170 AKC recognized dog breeds and their rescue dog counterparts (340 dogs total). Say what? …For every AKC breed photographed, a rescue dog of the same breed will be given the same royal photographic treatment. The result?  An awesome book and new dog social networking/resource website. The American Kennel Club (AKC) is not affiliated with nor endorses this project. (via the Project DOG website)

“What an AWESOME idea!  Sign us up, please!” I immediately thought.  So I submitted Hamlet via their online form and thought I’d hear back in a few weeks or maybe never (who knows how many dogs were being submitted?).  But we had our fingers and paws crossed.

Well, Kira Stackhouse – genius behind Project DOG and fellow Boston Terrier owner/lover – is a super woman.  She posted Hamlet’s submission the same day!  Click here (or on the logo below) to check it out.

Hamlet was featured on Project DOG!

Being of the non-super woman category and less attentive to Twitter as I could be, coupled with the fact that I was home sick yesterday, I didn’t realize Hamlet had been featured until about 10:30 p.m. last night.  This explains me not sharing it on the blog sooner – my apologies.

We’re super stoked about it – Hamlet’s famous!  He has even developed a bit of an ego from his internet fame and asked for a paw massage and face wrinkle facial this morning.  I agreed to the facial (a.k.a. I cleaned his face with a wet washcloth).  I just hope he doesn’t turn into a male diva (miva?) as a result.  I don’t know if I have the energy to sort his treats by shape and color or untangle the endless knots in his rope toy.

A giant thank you goes out to Project DOG and Kira Stackhouse, photographer extraordinaire, dog lover, super woman, and Twitter queen. Plus, I just have to love her because she has the below photo as the home page on her photography site, Nuena Pets.

How stinkin' cute is this? (Photo from Nuena Pets photography.)

Project DOG posts new featured dogs daily so check back often for updated dog cute overload.


Friday Funny: Ch-ch-ch-chia Pet

4 03 2011

Chia Boston - the Boston Terrier that grows!


This photo is pretty self-explanatory.  Who wouldn’t want to dress their dog as a Chia Pet?  Makes the perfect Halloween costume, housewarming gift, or garden gnome replacement.  I personally love the attention to detail that this Boston sports – the orange colored legs that mimic the terra cotta Chia Pet’s, the frozen look on her/his face like she/he is made of ceramic, the worried expression in the eyes that says, “I’m scared that at any moment you’ll trim me down and I’ll be back to bald and seeded.”

Special thanks to the boy’s brother (and fellow Boston Terrier owner and lover) Tim who thoughtfully emailed this photo to me.  (Photo source.)

p.s. Don’t understand the post title?  Check out this Chia Pet commercial (via YouTube) for a little reminder.