Time for Valentines

15 02 2011

I know we had a Valentine’s Day post yesterday so I apologize for double dipping in the Valentine’s category but I got home last night to find a valentine from sweet Hamlet.  Who knew Boston Terriers were so thoughtful?  Well, I had an inkling…


This confirms Hamlet's thoughtfulness (except for the whole distracted by a sound in the hallway thing) - he got me a valentine!

The outside of the card reads, “Happl Vluntnez Duy” and the inside reads, “What?  YOU try texting with no opposable thumbs!”  Then I responded to Hamlet in text-speak: LOL!  U R so funny!  Thx, ❤ U!

Didn’t you know that everything in text-speak ends in an exclamation point?  Well it does, makes things more exciting that way!!!!!

Then Hamlet made it clear he was tired and ready for bed by a) not responding to my text speak, b) curling up in an even tighter ball on the bed, and c) giving me the bedroom eyes.


Can you tell this photo shoot was done right before bed time?

What’s that, Hamlet?  You don’t care if I didn’t get you a card because I gave you that new rope toy?  Hamlet?  Ham?  Hammy?



Ok, full on sleeping now. Good thing he got to see my smiling face when I first opened it.

On the inside was a nice paw-written message, “Love – Hamlet.  I am so glad that you rescued me and gave me a wonderful home.  You are kind, fun, loving, and devoted!  Hammy”  Hamlet must really like his name because he signed it twice!  🙂


It's nice to have a man who isn't afraid to share his true emotions.

I feel like such a special, lucky girl to have a mother dog who cares about me so much.  Thanks, Mom Hammy!

Did you receive any cards or gifts from your pets?  Did you give them anything for Valentine’s Day?  I gave Hamlet a rope toy that’s winterfresh scented – classy is the way we do it in the Green Eggs & Hamlet household.




2 responses

15 02 2011

Yes, I received individual cards from my two dogs, Cookie and Diamond, and a card from my whole gaggle of geese!
I bought two dog toys, one for each, but I decided to hold onto them until next week because they have to go to the vet – the toys will be a reward rather than a Valentine’s Day gift.

15 02 2011
Shelley @ Green Eggs and Hamlet

Melissa, sounds like you were showered with animal love! Great idea to hold onto the dog toys until the vet trip next week. Thanks for visiting!

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