Happy Valentine’s Day!

14 02 2011


I find that Valentine’s Day is often best spent with a dog – he loves you as unconditionally and as fervently on February 14th as he did on February 13th and as he will on February 15th.  If you have a sweetheart, best friends, or family members to also share the holiday with, that’s just icing on the heart-shaped sugar cookie.  How do you prefer to spend St. Valentine’s Day?

*Picture taken recently while Hamlet was taking a potty break in my parents’ backyard on a particularly cold day.  I couldn’t resist snapping his photo through the sliding glass door while he three-legged it, waiting for the door to be opened.  And I couldn’t resist posting the photo for today’s post since he’s wearing a Valentine’s-y shirt and his face looks so handsome I could just give him a kiss right on the computer screen.




3 responses

14 02 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day Hamlet. Love, Cash

and Happy Valentine’s Day to Shelley. Love, Mandy and Aaron! We miss our Sister Wife!

15 02 2011
Shelley @ Green Eggs and Hamlet

Cash, when do we get to meet in person? Happy Valentine’s to you too. Did you get any new toys? -Ham

15 02 2011
Time for Valentines « Green Eggs and Hamlet

[…] know we had a Valentine’s Day post yesterday so I apologize for double dipping in the Valentine’s category but I got home last night to […]

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