Friday Funny: Ridealong, Little Doggie

31 12 2010

The boy’s sister emailed me this picture a few weeks ago and I got a hoot out of it.  She and her husband recently purchased a new car and she said, “In case anyone needs a Christmas idea for us, we’re a little worried about the dogs in the new car… ;)”

A quick Google search returned the Neatorama site, which claims this is a do it yourself project from an issue of Popular Mechanics in June of 1936.  So with canvas, scissors, needle, thread, grommets, hooks, rubber tubing, wood, and a hefty dose of faith in your crafting skills you can have a doggie car sack of your very own.  I think Hamlet will continue to ride shotgun.

Photo from here, thanks to the boy’s sister.




2 responses

3 01 2011
According to Gus

Eeek! We’ll stick to our car ride arrangements and bypass the doggie sack 😉

5 01 2011
Shelley @ Green Eggs and Hamlet

According to Gus, good plan! I would too. 🙂

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