Be the Change for Pets: Dog Days of Summer Shelter Shower

20 07 2010

If you follow me on Twitter or have hacked into my Google Reader, you might know that I am mildly obsessed with Pawcurious.  It’s a blog written by an awesome veterinarian named Dr. Jessica Vogelsang (a.k.a. Dr. V).  She’s a lover of Golden Retrievers, a wife, a mother of five (two kids, two dogs, and a cat), has a great sense of humor, and occasionally writes posts that involve veterinary office events reenacted with Barbie dolls.  In other words, if you love pets and aren’t reading Dr. V’s blog, then you’re majorly missing out.

I’m talking about Dr. V because she is part of BlogPaws, “the gathering place for pet bloggers.”  The awesome part is that BlogPaws not only helps pet bloggers improve and excel at their fine, furry craft, they also want to help animals in the real world.  Therefore, Dr. V (and three other ladies – Lynn Haigh of PawPawty, Jane Harrell from the Petfinder blog, Dorian Wagner from Your Daily Cute) and BlogPaws came up with a great campaign called Be the Change for Pets.  The idea is that a lot of people working together can really make a positive change in the lives of animals.  It doesn’t matter if you do something small or large because when you coordinate with others the outcome is that much greater.

BlogPaws periodically organizes events or challenges centered around the Be the Change for Pets campaign.  This time it’s Dog Days of Summer, a shelter shower.  Dr. V said she keeps calling it different things (“Be the Change Food Drive, Shelter Supplies Drive, Give them Something I Don’t Care What Drive”) but I think her phrase “shelter shower” is too cute to pass up.  Plus I think it conveys the right message – shower your local animal shelter with gifts!

The donations can be new or used, canine or feline, food or supplies or money, whatever strikes your fancy.  The important part is to participate!  Remember, small or large, it all adds up.  So round up a couple of old blankets or towels, grab a toy from the bargain bin at Petco, pack that bag of treats that your dog doesn’t like, and scoop up the spare change that’s rolling around in your car, and deliver it all to your local animal shelter. Then be sure to spread the word:

  • tell friends and family (good old fashioned phone calls, emails, and face-to-face conversations work well)
  • blog
  • tweet (the hashtag is #BTC4Pets)
  • shout from the rooftop
  • hang a flyer in your office kitchen or your apartment mailroom (download flyers from Pawcurious here)

Finally, tell everyone how well you did!  Share your awesomeness on the Be the Change for Pets Facebook wall, sign the Be the Change for Pets Shelter Shower guestbook (at the bottom of Dr. V’s post) so everyone knows you’re in on the party, and comment on this post so Hamlet and I know you were here and how great you are.

For more information visit the Blog Paws Be the Change for Pets website or Facebook page and watch the video on YouTube.  I get major chills from the video because a) I LOVE the band Queen, and b) it’s incredibly cool to see how so many people have banded together to Be the Change for Pets.  I dare you not to feel magnificent and empowered after watching the video.

Hamlet and I will be posting our Dog Days of Summer Shelter Shower activities and donations through the end of the month so stay tuned.




3 responses

25 07 2010

Thanks for both the blog recommendation and sharing about the Shelter Shower (an adorably cute phrase). My local shelters have been asking for lots of blankets recently (since they just got over 200 new rescues), but this is a good idea to bring other stuff when I take in my towels. I have lots of soft toys that my dogs don’t get to play with (since they rip them apart within about 2 minutes), and I could definitely cull the herd, making space for the next time someone decides to give me one of those “cotton candy” toys. My dog’s favorite toys fall into the category of those made out of fire hose strength material.

29 07 2010
Shelley @ Green Eggs & Hamlet

Anna, you have me laughing out loud about “culling the herd!” Hamlet is also forbidden from stuffed toys as he just rips them apart. Let me know how your shelter donation goes; Hamlet and I are still putting ours together.

27 09 2010
I Pledge to Be the Change for Pets « Green Eggs and Hamlet

[…] dog bloggers to follow.  But the thing that stuck with me the most is to Be the Change for Pets.  I have blogged about Be the Change before but I’ve decided it’s time to get my hindquarters in gear and take some action to help […]

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