Nine to Five, Round 2

15 07 2010

I received a text message yesterday morning from the boy, “I took Ham to work today.”

Great!  I called Mike a few hours later to say “hi” and ask him to send me a picture or two of our little Boston Terrier hard at work.

This is what I received (apologies for the cell phone sub-par quality photos):

Hamlet plastic tubing Mike's work

Mike texted, "Ham and his new toy."

First of all, how cute is that face?  Second, while it may look like a large Nylabone, that’s a piece of plastic tubing (Mike later informed me that it’s technically a water hose).

The next picture I get is this:

Ham sleeping Mike's work

Mike texted, "Now tuckered out."

Now don’t get me wrong, the boy is a wonderful pet owner, takes great care of the dog,  and cares about him just as much as I do (which is a lot, considering I have a blog dedicated to this Boston Terrier of ours).  I just had to laugh because Hamlet’s playing with hoses instead of dog toys and sleeping on the ground instead of a blanket or his bed.  Mike and I are just different.  Yep, sound the alarms, he and I are not the exact same person!  He’s male, I’m female.  He’s from Ohio, I’m a Colorado native.  He doesn’t believe in microwaving food while I’ll only eat pizza or Chinese food cold.

Of course I’m talking about when we each take Hamlet to the office.  When Hamlet comes with me, I bring a canvas tote bag chock-full of what he’ll need for the day (bed, food and water dishes, food, etc.).  Mike simply puts Ham’s collar around his neck, attaches his leash, grabs his food dish (with food), and they’re out the door.  When at Mike’s office, Hamlet finds a good spot on the floor to take a snooze.  When he’s with me, he enjoys his comfy blue bed under my desk.  With Mike, Hamlet finds plastic tubing from the warehouse to play with while I make sure to bring his chew ring or rubber squirrel for entertainment.


What does all of this Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus When Caring for a Dog stuff boil down to?  Nothing.  Hamlet is well taken care of whether he’s with Mike or me.  Does Hamlet have a better time at my office because I brought along all of his stuff?  No.  Does he suffer at Mike’s office without his squirrel toy or bed?  No.  The joy for Hamlet is not being home all day by himself.  He’s out with one of his owners and a bunch of other people (co-workers) who also love him to death.  I even got a text from Mike that said, “Our new guy loves the Ham.”  So being at the office (whether mine or Mike’s) really just means that Hamlet does what he does best – looks cute, hangs out with people, and continues his PR campaign as the best Boston Terrier you’ll ever meet.

Do you and your significant other have different pet parenting styles?  Does it cause problems or do you just put those differences on the list of things that makes you an interesting couple?




One response

16 07 2010

What a lucky boy Hamlet is! When we first got Trigger, Aaron was the more protective parent. Trigger was his first pet, so any little thing made Aaron want to go to the vet. Almost three years later, and Trigger hasn’t been to the vet in a long time. Since we both are home most of the time, we have similar parenting styles now. Although I am the wussy who they don’t listen to and all Aaron has to do is give them a look and they immediately behave. Miss you guys!

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