A Day in the Ham: Dressed Up Walk

14 07 2010
Mike Hamlet dressed up walk

Hamlet says, "I still one-upped you by wearing my tuxedo."

Date: July 9, 2010

Details: On a walk around the neighborhood.  Usually the boy walks Hamlet after work because he gets home before I do.  On this day he went for happy hour (it was Friday, people!) so I got home before he did and took the Boston Terrier for his rounds.  The boy then met up with us mid-walk.

Bonus: Look how handsome the boy is in his work clothes.  And the sunglasses add a level of mystery, don’t you think?

*This post was originally scheduled for posting on July 9, 2010 instead of July 14, 2010 but I had trouble with my new WordPress app on my Android phone (HTC Evo).  Thankfully I’ve now worked it out so can get back to posting on the go.

Is anyone else a WordPress Android user? Do you have tips or tricks?  I’d love to hear about it!




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