Be the Change for Pets: Dog Days of Summer Shelter Shower

20 07 2010

If you follow me on Twitter or have hacked into my Google Reader, you might know that I am mildly obsessed with Pawcurious.  It’s a blog written by an awesome veterinarian named Dr. Jessica Vogelsang (a.k.a. Dr. V).  She’s a lover of Golden Retrievers, a wife, a mother of five (two kids, two dogs, and a cat), has a great sense of humor, and occasionally writes posts that involve veterinary office events reenacted with Barbie dolls.  In other words, if you love pets and aren’t reading Dr. V’s blog, then you’re majorly missing out.

I’m talking about Dr. V because she is part of BlogPaws, “the gathering place for pet bloggers.”  The awesome part is that BlogPaws not only helps pet bloggers improve and excel at their fine, furry craft, they also want to help animals in the real world.  Therefore, Dr. V (and three other ladies – Lynn Haigh of PawPawty, Jane Harrell from the Petfinder blog, Dorian Wagner from Your Daily Cute) and BlogPaws came up with a great campaign called Be the Change for Pets.  The idea is that a lot of people working together can really make a positive change in the lives of animals.  It doesn’t matter if you do something small or large because when you coordinate with others the outcome is that much greater.

BlogPaws periodically organizes events or challenges centered around the Be the Change for Pets campaign.  This time it’s Dog Days of Summer, a shelter shower.  Dr. V said she keeps calling it different things (“Be the Change Food Drive, Shelter Supplies Drive, Give them Something I Don’t Care What Drive”) but I think her phrase “shelter shower” is too cute to pass up.  Plus I think it conveys the right message – shower your local animal shelter with gifts!

The donations can be new or used, canine or feline, food or supplies or money, whatever strikes your fancy.  The important part is to participate!  Remember, small or large, it all adds up.  So round up a couple of old blankets or towels, grab a toy from the bargain bin at Petco, pack that bag of treats that your dog doesn’t like, and scoop up the spare change that’s rolling around in your car, and deliver it all to your local animal shelter. Then be sure to spread the word:

  • tell friends and family (good old fashioned phone calls, emails, and face-to-face conversations work well)
  • blog
  • tweet (the hashtag is #BTC4Pets)
  • shout from the rooftop
  • hang a flyer in your office kitchen or your apartment mailroom (download flyers from Pawcurious here)

Finally, tell everyone how well you did!  Share your awesomeness on the Be the Change for Pets Facebook wall, sign the Be the Change for Pets Shelter Shower guestbook (at the bottom of Dr. V’s post) so everyone knows you’re in on the party, and comment on this post so Hamlet and I know you were here and how great you are.

For more information visit the Blog Paws Be the Change for Pets website or Facebook page and watch the video on YouTube.  I get major chills from the video because a) I LOVE the band Queen, and b) it’s incredibly cool to see how so many people have banded together to Be the Change for Pets.  I dare you not to feel magnificent and empowered after watching the video.

Hamlet and I will be posting our Dog Days of Summer Shelter Shower activities and donations through the end of the month so stay tuned.


Nine to Five, Round 2

15 07 2010

I received a text message yesterday morning from the boy, “I took Ham to work today.”

Great!  I called Mike a few hours later to say “hi” and ask him to send me a picture or two of our little Boston Terrier hard at work.

This is what I received (apologies for the cell phone sub-par quality photos):

Hamlet plastic tubing Mike's work

Mike texted, "Ham and his new toy."

First of all, how cute is that face?  Second, while it may look like a large Nylabone, that’s a piece of plastic tubing (Mike later informed me that it’s technically a water hose).

The next picture I get is this:

Ham sleeping Mike's work

Mike texted, "Now tuckered out."

Now don’t get me wrong, the boy is a wonderful pet owner, takes great care of the dog,  and cares about him just as much as I do (which is a lot, considering I have a blog dedicated to this Boston Terrier of ours).  I just had to laugh because Hamlet’s playing with hoses instead of dog toys and sleeping on the ground instead of a blanket or his bed.  Mike and I are just different.  Yep, sound the alarms, he and I are not the exact same person!  He’s male, I’m female.  He’s from Ohio, I’m a Colorado native.  He doesn’t believe in microwaving food while I’ll only eat pizza or Chinese food cold.

Of course I’m talking about when we each take Hamlet to the office.  When Hamlet comes with me, I bring a canvas tote bag chock-full of what he’ll need for the day (bed, food and water dishes, food, etc.).  Mike simply puts Ham’s collar around his neck, attaches his leash, grabs his food dish (with food), and they’re out the door.  When at Mike’s office, Hamlet finds a good spot on the floor to take a snooze.  When he’s with me, he enjoys his comfy blue bed under my desk.  With Mike, Hamlet finds plastic tubing from the warehouse to play with while I make sure to bring his chew ring or rubber squirrel for entertainment.


What does all of this Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus When Caring for a Dog stuff boil down to?  Nothing.  Hamlet is well taken care of whether he’s with Mike or me.  Does Hamlet have a better time at my office because I brought along all of his stuff?  No.  Does he suffer at Mike’s office without his squirrel toy or bed?  No.  The joy for Hamlet is not being home all day by himself.  He’s out with one of his owners and a bunch of other people (co-workers) who also love him to death.  I even got a text from Mike that said, “Our new guy loves the Ham.”  So being at the office (whether mine or Mike’s) really just means that Hamlet does what he does best – looks cute, hangs out with people, and continues his PR campaign as the best Boston Terrier you’ll ever meet.

Do you and your significant other have different pet parenting styles?  Does it cause problems or do you just put those differences on the list of things that makes you an interesting couple?

Happy Birthday, Melissa!

14 07 2010

Happy birthday to one of my best friends, a lover of dogs and all things chocolate, the dear, sweet, funny Melissa!  Hamlet and I hope you have a wonderful day, Mel!


A Day in the Ham: Dressed Up Walk

14 07 2010
Mike Hamlet dressed up walk

Hamlet says, "I still one-upped you by wearing my tuxedo."

Date: July 9, 2010

Details: On a walk around the neighborhood.  Usually the boy walks Hamlet after work because he gets home before I do.  On this day he went for happy hour (it was Friday, people!) so I got home before he did and took the Boston Terrier for his rounds.  The boy then met up with us mid-walk.

Bonus: Look how handsome the boy is in his work clothes.  And the sunglasses add a level of mystery, don’t you think?

*This post was originally scheduled for posting on July 9, 2010 instead of July 14, 2010 but I had trouble with my new WordPress app on my Android phone (HTC Evo).  Thankfully I’ve now worked it out so can get back to posting on the go.

Is anyone else a WordPress Android user? Do you have tips or tricks?  I’d love to hear about it!

Independence Day Recap 2010

8 07 2010

You know how I like to do holiday recaps a few days after the holiday (Christmas, Valentine’s Day) and Independence Day 2010 is no different.

We celebrated this year in much the same fashion as last year: a walk with our favorite Boston Terrier followed by a barbecue at my parents’ house with my brothers, their significant others, and the world’s cutest 18 month old, my niece Madelyn.

On our walk with Hamlet we were sure to take our route on the trail so we could walk by the park and enjoy the old-fashioned Fourth of July celebration that the park hosts annually.  Since we didn’t enter the park (dogs aren’t allowed) we just enjoyed the celebration from afar.  I realize the lack of pictures is abhorrent but I didn’t think to bring my camera or my fancy new smartphone with me.  Just think volunteers in pioneer clothes, kids playing on old-fashioned stilts, homemade lemonade, and men in Civil war uniforms firing a cannon.  Before you begin berating me for missing such a great photo opp, let’s keep in mind that we were watching from afar through the fence so the pics would have been even worse than my usual amateur photography.

The highlight for Hamlet was definitely seeing the horses from the park up close and personal.  If you follow me (and Ham) on Twitter you may have seen that he’s quite obsessed with horses.  Usually he spies on the draft horses but for July 4th we saw the quarter horses (the draft horses were busy pulling the wagon for hay rides).  Thank goodness my boy had his smartphone in tow and snapped a few pics.

Hamlet started off by introducing himself nicely to the horses (the brown one was much more interested in Ham than the paint).  Unfortunately we didn’t get a good picture of the two-minute long meet and greet where Hamlet had his front paws on the fence and he and the horse were nose-to-nose.

Ham horses July 4th 1

Hamlet introducing himself.

The meet and greet progressed into Hamlet running back and forth along the fence and barking at the horses and doing play bows (like a downward dog yoga pose).  I felt bad and kept apologizing to the horses (feel free to call me crazy for speaking to animals) but Mike insisted that Hamlet just wanted to play.  Mike translated Hamlet’s barks into something like, “Hi I’m Hamlet, who are you?  Hey come back here.  Are you ready to play?  I’m over here.  Happy Fourth of July!  Wow your poop is really big.  Why are you cooped up in this giant dog kennel?  Seriously, come out of there and let’s play.”  I think Mike is right; Hamlet always stares longingly at the horses and always seems to want to get through the fence and go romp with them.  I’m going to stick with the play (versus antagonizing) train of thought until proved otherwise.

Ham horses July 4th 2

"Hey, come back! I wasn't done sniffing or barking at you."

We let the horses be and moved along back home.  Then it was time to swing by the grocery for some last-minute ingredients for my corn avocado salad and on to my parents’ house for a barbecue with the fam.  Besides his innate patriotism by being the dog breed known as the American gentleman, Hamlet looked pretty patriotic in his red harness.  Unfortunately it poured rain all afternoon and evening in Colorado on the Fourth so our barbecue was enjoyed mostly indoors.  Good thing we enjoyed a fireworks show in Denver on July 3rd (don’t worry, Hamlet was safe and secure indoors with an iPod playing)!

What did you do for Independence Day this year?