Single Black Female

17 06 2010

I just couldn’t help but sharing this little tidbit.  It’s an email forward that Hamlet and I got a big hoot out of.  You didn’t know that Boston Terriers can “hoot”?  Well they can.  Snort, wheeze, sneeze, fart, bark, growl, snuggle, HOOT!

Isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?  Ok, how about the cutest thing you’ve seen today?  Who can resist a black lab puppy?  I know I can’t.  I have a special place in my heart for labs since I grew up with two of them as pets (one black and one yellow).

And let’s give a hand to the folks at the Atlanta Humane Society who sure know how to use their noggins when it comes to finding those pooches their permanent people – so creative!

Do you know of any good animal shelter stories or creative ideas for gettin’ the word out?  Post them in the comments so we can all share in the wealth of knowledge.  Have you gotten any good email forwards lately?  Send them along to Hamlet (check out the Woof! section on the sidebar for his email address) and I promise he’ll hoot for you too.




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