Are You in the Doghouse?

8 06 2010

Hamlet has a few spots around our house that he particularly enjoys but we don’t have a true designated Ham area.  We have a crate for Hamlet but only use it on rare occasions.  Most of the time he has free roam of our apartment.  However, I hope someday we have a house with a backyard and therefore the space for a Hamlet house (a.k.a. a doghouse).

We humans use the phrase that someone is “in the doghouse” to mean that they have done something wrong and are on bad terms with someone else.  However, based on the cream-of-the-crop dog houses featured below, I think the doghouse might be a pretty good place to be.

A classic design with great humany style! I love the potted plants, the windows, and the turquoise color.

Simplicity at its best, this reminds me of the doghouse my Granddad built for the dog my family had when I was a child.

Like shampoo and conditioner in one, this house does double duty - a great spot to sunbathe as well as to hide in from the rain.

I love the tiled roof of this South Korean doghouse and the Jindo dog that goes with it!

Hamlet and I would be ready for our South Pacific vacation in this thatched roof doghouse.

The doghouse photos were culled from DIY Network’s “10 Designer Doghouses Built for Comfort,” an article emailed to me by a lovely reader (thanks, Mom!).  Get more details and see all 10 doghouses by clicking through to the article.

Does your dog use a doghouse?  A crate?  Or does he just have a corner of YOUR house that he calls his own?  Spill the kibble.




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