A Day in the Ham: Down and Dirty

29 05 2010

"Wading in the creek and rolling in the dirt afterward does have its drawbacks."

Date: March 2010, the first really nice day (weather-wise) of the year.

Details: Long walk on the trail, much bicycle watching, wading in the creek, and a celebratory dirt bath  followed by a real bath in the human tub.  This photo doesn’t come close to illustrating how dirty I was: I went from black and white to brown and tan.

Bonus: A rare photo of the boy on the blog!


A Day in the Ham: Feeling Bookish

27 05 2010

"I think Shakespeare's early works show much greater symbolism than the latter ones. However, I'm sure it's no surprise that "Hamlet" will always be my favorite."

Happy Ending: Eddie in Temecula, CA

14 05 2010

So often we hear of heartbreaking rescue stories where dogs are abused, neglected, left for dead, or worse so I thought it would be nice to share one of these stories with a very happy ending.  We all need some daily sunshine in our lives and keeping up with the goings-on of Eddie the Boston Terrier has given me my daily rays.

I learned about Eddie via Twitter and am so glad I did.  This little guy had it rough.  He was dropped off at a veterinary office and was severely injured.  He was emaciated, his eyes were in very bad shape (one ruptured) and he had infected bites all over his body.  Poor Eddie had been used as bait in dog fights and after he’d served his “purpose” someone had dumped him at the vet.  I’m including a link to the pictures of Eddie rather than the pictures themselves because they are quite graphic so view at your own risk (you’ll have to scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the “Boston Terrier Eddie Needs Our Help” post; for some reason it won’t let me link to the specific post).  The veterinary office called a Boston Terrier rescue group in Temecula, California (near San Diego) called Boston Brigade to ask for help.  Boston Brigade generously agreed to rescue Eddie and pay for his medical care.  Thank dogness for rescues!

The word then spread via Twitter, Facebook, and the wonder of the internet that Boston Brigade needed donations to cover Eddie’s extensive medical costs.  They set up a Chip In page to solicit donations and thanks to many generous pups and humans alike (including Hamlet) eventually exceeded their $5,000.00 goal.  To date, $5,314.00 has been raised for Eddie’s medical costs and what wonderful care he’s received!  His bite wounds have healed, he had surgery on both of his eyes (including a corneal transplant in one) by an eye specialist, and is back to a healthy weight.  They even managed to save the peripheral vision in his right eye so he’s not completely blind.  Here’s Eddie today:

According to the Boston Brigade, he’s a happy and healthy little man who doesn’t hold any grudges against humans and so enjoys being a pet instead of a punching bag.  Not only did Eddie have a wonderful foster family from Boston Brigade but he already has a new forever home close to his veterinarian and eye specialist.  He is learning his way around their house and yard and loving life.

So while it angers me and Hamlet to no end that horrible people not only engage in dog fighting but also use other dogs as bait, it warms our hearts to know that there are so many more good people than bad.  The generous donors who covered Eddie’s medical costs, the Boston Brigade who seamlessly organized his rescue and resulting adoption, and his new family who eagerly accepted him.  Most of all, I just love Eddie and his persevering spirit.  I may sound a bit cheesy but I’m a card-carrying dog person and just love that this story has a happy ending.  Plus, it reminds me of Hamlet’s story and our happy ending.  Awwwww…

After searching through the GE&H archives I realize I’ve never told of Hamlet’s past, his life pre-Shelley and the boy.  Well, that story is  for another day.  Today we focus on awesome Eddie and the generosity of the people who helped him.

What stories warm your heart?  They can be dog-related or not, the idea is to share the sunshine. 🙂

To Dog Or Not To Dog?

12 05 2010

I was sifting through my Google Reader today and came across this post from the ultimate wedding blog, Style Me Pretty, and simply couldn’t resist sharing the adorable Boston Terrier in a tuxedo.

Photo credit: Jose Villa Wedding Photography via Style Me Pretty.

But the real question is – would you or did you have your dog at your wedding? Some people include their dog as a ring bearer, flower girl, or attendant while others just have him/her present for photos.  Do you think it’s totally sweet or over the top animal eccentricity?