New Addition

1 04 2010

Great news – we’ve got a new addition in the Green Eggs and Hamlet household!  He’s a sweet guy named Kojack from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue, the same rescue where we got Hamlet.  Enough yammering already, let’s take a look at Hamlet’s new best friend.

Isn’t he just the most adorable thing?  Hamlet is super excited to have a brother and the boy and I are just as excited to share the love with another Boston Terrier.  I’ll be sure to post more details and pictures once we bring him home in a few days but until then I can tell you that Kojack is four years old, weighs 25 pounds, and LOVES people and treats.  And in the meantime you should check your calendar because today is the first of April – April Fool’s!

Yes, this is all a prank.  I’m sorry for teasing you with cute dog photos.  Unfortunately we’re not adding another Boston Terrier to our household.  Someday we probably will but for now, living in an apartment, we think one dog is best.

The good news is that Kojack is a real-deal Boston Terrier awaiting adoption from MidAmerica Boston Terrier so if you’re interested in him or any of the other wonderful Bostons that are available, contact MidAmerica Boston Terrier (there’s a link to their website at the top of this post or under Links in the right sidebar).  At least go check out all of the cuteness and great life-saving work that is happening with the rescue.  Or, do what I do – peruse the available dogs and encourage your friends and family to adopt one (or two!).  You’ll certainly earn a special place in Hamlet’s heart and mine too.

I apologize to anyone whom I disappointed with this April Fool’s joke but the idea is to spread the word about some great dogs in need of homes.  So don’t let the joke really be on you – if you’re considering a new dog, consider a rescue.  And if you’re not in the market for a new pooch, just be sure your April Fool’s joke doesn’t involve fooling your dog out of some extra love and attention.  Or treats.  Never joke about treats; that’s just cruel.

Who from the class would like to share their favorite April Fool’s joke?  Were you the prankster or the prankee?  Anyone ever fall for the ol’ plastic wrap over the toilet bowl trick?  Yeah, me neither.  But be sure to share your April Follies – Ham and I love a good laugh.