These Boots Are Made for Walking

25 02 2010

While we haven’t gotten an unmanageable amount of snow in Denver this winter, we have gotten enough to interfere with Hamlet’s exercise routine.  The winter months have reduced his outdoor excursions to just bathroom breaks while exercise takes place indoors in the form of fetch or other running around Boston Terrorist activities.

Even if there isn’t a lot of snow on the ground (and at our oft-shoveled apartment complex, the sidewalks are usually clear), Hamlet just gets too cold.  He then resorts to minimizing his contact with the cold concrete or snow by picking up one paw at a time so only three paws are touching the ground.

I knew this couldn’t continue so I looked into getting him some boots.  Yes, dog boots.  Not silly little sneakers for “fashion” purposes but real boots to keep his paws warm and safe from the salt.  After doing some research, I settled on Muttluks.  I seriously considered the Ruffwear Bark’n Boots Skyliner but couldn’t find them locally and didn’t want to pay for shipping so the Muttluks won out.

Lately, Ham wishes it were warmer weather.  He hangs out by the pool gate trying to get a read on when the warm weather will return.

"Remind me again, how many months until summer when I can stop wearing these ridiculous boots?"

I don’t think Hamlet is crazy about the boots but he is getting used to them.  Hurried bathroom breaks are a thing of the past.

Take your time, Hamlet, your feet sure won't get cold.

Hamlet is getting better at walking around in the boots and not flopping his legs around like a prancing horse.  The key is to put the boots on and take him right outside for a walk.  He is still getting used to the idea that he can go for a longer walk with the boots on without getting cold.  I am hoping eventually we can build up to real walks so he can get more outdoor exercise in the winter.  Until then, he’s pretty content to stand in the snow without having to act like a tripod.

Four paws in the snow = success.

That’s how this Boston Terrier beats cold feet.  We’ll keep at this cold weather clothing stuff and let you know how it all turns out.

What does your dog do to stay warm when the temperature drops?  Have you purchased clothing for your dog (whether for a practical purpose of just for fun)?  Do you ever take pictures of your dog during a bathroom break?  Just tossing ideas out there so feel free to respond to whatever strikes your fancy.




5 responses

25 02 2010
Tim H

He wears those a lot longer than Munson did! He would tear them off right away.

25 02 2010

Luckily I don’t have snow to contend with, but one of my pups hates the rain. Despises it – it’s absolutely amazing how long he can hold it if it’s raining outside. He’ll run to the backdoor, realize it’s raining, and just turn around and curl right back up on the rug as if to say “never mind, just kidding.” When we finally do go out in the rain, it has to be in the front, under the shelter of the tree, and he goes so quickly it’s like a race – and this is the dog that usually takes his sweet time. My husband never ceases to be amazed by it. Of course our other dog couldn’t care less about water – “Huh, there’s stuff falling from the sky? Can I eat it?”
The expression on Hamlet’s face in that last pic is awesome – “If I don’t look directly at the camera, it will not see me in these boots…”

26 02 2010
Shelley @ Green Eggs & Hamlet

Tim, I’d say Munson’s the rule and Ham’s the exception. 🙂 It’s sheer luck we ended up with a dog that will tolerate stuff most other dogs hate (wearing boots, getting their nails trimmed).

Anna, thanks for visiting GE&H! Your dogs sound hilarious and you’re definitely talented at summing up exactly what they think. Ham and I would love to see some pics, especially the crazy rain-related behavior.

17 03 2010

Oh my, that is too cute! We have jackets for our dogs when we go on walks in the rain or cold. They act like they can’t move when you first put them on – pretty funny stuff.

26 03 2010
Shelley @ Green Eggs & Hamlet

Micah, Hamlet tries to pull the “I can’t move” maneuver too! Too funny.

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