Happy International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day!

23 02 2010

Today is International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day, always celebrated on February 23rd.  Don’t ask me how this holiday came into being or why it’s celebrated on February 23rd (perhaps every other day was already taken by celebrations such as Talk Like a Pirate Day?).  I just know that it’s a day for the dogs and therefore it is celebrated at my house.

Obviously you’ll want to give your dog a biscuit (or two or three) but the method (or madness) is up to you.  Here’s how it went down at our house.

Here’s Ham’s Corner in our kitchen.  It is really just a section of countertop next to the stove where we keep Ham-related items.  For those of you who are grossed out by keeping dog food items next to the human food prep and cooking area, fear not.  We only keep sealed items in this area so as not to contaminate the human stuff with Boston Terrier-ness (stray hairs, etc.).

Jars of treats, poop bag refills, baby Benadryl, and peanut butter.

I laid out a variety of treats from the big cookie jar.  Bones, soft heart-shaped ones, hot dog-looking ones, Teddy Graham-looking ones – everyone was invited to the party.  Unfortunately we were out of Greenies Pill Pockets, his favorite kind of treat.

Dog treats a-go-go.

Then the celebration really got started because I gave some treats to Hamlet.

"Eating them off the carpet gives it a little something extra. Mmmm..."

I made him do a little bit of work, like “shake.”

"Shake" is still a work in progress, this is as good as it gets so far.

We also worked on “leave it.”  According to Victoria Stilwell (my personal favorite dog trainer), the trick is to place the treat with one hand, have the dog leave it, and then give the reward with your other hand.  Also, use a separate treat than the one you left on their paw so that the dog doesn’t get confused.

What conviction - a treat on his paw and he doesn't even bat an eye.

The celebration concluded by lying down and smiling big, a good way to close out the holiday, in my opinion.

"After a few treats, I enjoy a soft bed and a good blanket."

Did you and your dog celebrate International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day?  Have you ever heard of such a holiday?  Are you pro- or anti-dog treat?  Does your dog have a favorite brand or flavor?  Anything is game here so biscuit away and enjoy the holiday.




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