Love, Hamlet

16 02 2010

Since I didn’t wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day on February 14th, I am making the love last all week to make up for it.  This doesn’t mean that I will be pushing romance, red roses, and conversation hearts like a used car salesman in need of his next deal.  It does mean that each day this week we’ll be celebrating love, loving friendship, things we love and anything else that strikes our fancy as loving.

Yesterday you saw the valentine Hamlet received from his cousins Mary Kate (human) and Munson (fellow Boston Terrier).  Today I’m showing you how Hamlet sends his Valentines.  The process breaks down as this: I create the cards, and write the message in each (while Hamlet watches adoringly), then Hamlet signs them.

The result is a little something like this (made on

Hamlet's valentine to his human cousin, Mary Kate.

I included Hamlet and Mike on my valentine to my grandparents.

Hamlet's paw print signature.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little e-valentine from Hamlet.  Consider it a hug with a big lick on the face from ol’ Ham.  His blog readers hold a special place in his heart so he wanted to make sure you all knew that you’re very loved.  Woof xoxo woof.  Love, Hamlet

*Shutterfly did not request that I write this post or reward me in any way for it.  I am simply listing Shutterfly as the source of these particular cards in case you are interested in creating your own and because I personally enjoy Shutterfly and have had great results with their products and services.




2 responses

16 02 2010

Love that little guy and his Valentines. Everytime we see a Boston Aaron and I both say, “Hamlet!!!!!!” as if the dog would turn into Hamlet if we wished hard enough.

8 07 2010
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