Special Delivery

15 02 2010

A few weeks ago Hamlet got his first piece of mail.  Apparently people just can’t express their loving sentiments enough for this little guy because this week he got his second postal delivery.  While Hamlet has been talked about in many an email, these are the first pieces of correspondence where he is the recipient and not just the subject.  I think Hamlet feels pretty special, since snail mail seems to be less and less common these days.  Everybody loves getting mail, right?  Dogs included.

This second piece of mail came from my fellow Boston Terrier lover, Mary.  She is the boy’s sister-in-law and my partner in crime.  Let’s just say Mary and I go together like me and cereal.  Not comfortable with me and cereal?  Then we’ll use a more tried and true analogy – think peanut butter and jelly.  Mary is probably the peanut butter since my name rhymes with jelly.  Back to the mail…

Technically the mail isn’t from Mary; it’s from a couple of really special creatures in this world.  I’ll let the picture speak for itself.  Just be sure to pause and do the necessary “awwwwwww…”  I know you can’t hold back, go ahead.

Mary Kate & Munson live in Ohio so they have never met Hamlet.

Those two little beauties are Mary Kate (Mary’s daughter) and their Boston Terrier, Munson.  Mary Kate and Munson are the best of friends – don’t they make the most adorable team?  They’re stellar valentine makers to boot!

Precious little Mary Kate is on the front of the card.

In Ham’s opinion, this card was super special because it was addressed solely to him.  (Mike and I were simply the intermediaries blessed with opposable thumbs who opened the envelope.)  Plus, he’s two for two in 2010 for receiving mail for major holidays (first New Year’s and now Valentine’s Day).

That’s the latest from Hamlet’s mail bag.  Two pieces of mail and counting.  Before I know it, he’ll be getting his own credit card applications and coupon flyers.

Are you interested in sending Ham a letter but are fresh out of stamps?  Check out the Woof! section in the column at right and send him an email.  It will definitely make his day.




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