Gridiron Grub

4 02 2010

Hopefully I’m not throwing all two of you loyal readers for a loop by introducing another feature on GE&H, but here goes.  Last week we started A Day in the Ham and this week it’s Green Eggs.  Yes, my friends, Green Eggs.  Derived from the title of this ol’ blog,  Green Eggs will provide recipes and food-related posts.  “Why food?” you might ask.  Because I like food (a girl’s gotta eat!) and I’m hoping you do too.

For our first foray into Green Eggs, we’re tackling gridiron grub.  In laywoman’s terms, that’s football food.  Super Bowl Sunday is this Sunday, people, so it’s time to prepare.  I’ve got the perfect recipe for you if you’re like me and like to go into a food coma during the big game.  Behold, the magic that is the Bacon Explosion.

1 package thick cut bacon
2 pounds Italian sausage
Barbecue dry rub
Barbecue sauce
Aluminum foil

Only four ingredients and I can attest that this baby is Super Bowl party gold.  How so?  The boy and I made it last year for the Super Bowl party we went to.  It’s as much a conversation piece as it is delicious bacony goodness.  Here’s how we got our bacon on last year.

Weave bacon into a mat in a lattice pattern.  I believe ours was 6 strips by 6 strips but do whatever feels right to you.  This is Green Eggs so it should be fun!  Sprinkle some barbecue rub over the mat.

Now layer your two pounds of Italian sausage onto the bacon mat.

Fry up the remaining bacon (just like you would for breakfast) and crumble it over the bacon-sausage mat.  Cover this in barbecue sauce and more barbecue rub.

Next roll the sausage all together at the edge of the bacon mat.  To do this, carefully separate the sausage layer from the bacon mat and begin rolling.  Include all layers in your roll except the bacon mat.  Keep the sausage as tight as you can and remove any air pockets.  Once the sausage is all rolled up, pinch the seams and ends together so everything stays inside snug as a bacon in a rug.

Now’s the time to get the rest of your roll on.  Move the sausage roll over the bacon mat until you end up with one cohesive roll.  Seal the ends as best you can.  You should end up with a bacony torpedo that looks a little something like this:

Line a casserole dish with aluminum foil (this  prevents the meat from sticking to the dish) and place the bacon torpedo seam side down in the dish.  Now put more barbecue rub and barbecue sauce all over your bacon torpedo.  Sorry, I don’t have pictures of this step but hopefully you get the idea.

The bacon explosion originators cooked theirs in a smoker.  I don’t have a smoker and neither does the boy so we cooked ours in the oven.  I think we set it at 375 degrees.  It took a while to cook through, maybe an hour and a half or two hours.  This isn’t an exact science – it’s cooking and it’s fun.  Just keep cooking and checking your bacon explosion until it’s cooked through.  We had to turn our bacon explosion over half way through because the bottom side of the torpedo (the side that was in contact with the casserole dish) wasn’t cooking as fast so watch out for this.

Once it’s cooked through, use a basting brush to brush barbecue sauce all over the bacon explosion for a nice glaze.  Cut into slices and serve plain or with rolls.   Here’s our finished product:

As you can imagine, this baby isn’t for the faint of heart – it has an estimated 5,000 calories and 500 grams of fat.  Keep in mind that you’re not eating the whole thing.  You’re having one small slice and sharing the rest of the explosion with friends.  I understand if you’re watching your waistline, so if the bacon explosion is too much for you, head over to my pal Amanda’s blog – Modernation – where she always has great recipes that are friendly to your figure.




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