Ham Burrito

29 01 2010

This is the first installment of A Day in the Ham.  Consider it a spin on “a day in the life” in which we’ll examine the many facets of Hamlet’s everyday life.  A photo or two, a sentence or two, hopefully providing you with a small break from your everyday life to laugh, “oooh,” “ahhh,” ponder, and boost your hamminess happiness.

So, without further ado, I give you the Ham burrito (a.k.a. hung over Ham after too much tequila):

Roll 20 pounds of ham in a tortilla, I mean Mexican blanket, and serve warm inside a blue crate.

Hamlet loves to burrow under blankets and pillows.  He rarely goes inside his crate but on this night a few weeks ago found it particularly alluring.  All he had to do was ball up his blanket in there, burrow underneath it and voilà! – cozy as the Four Seasons (or should I say Cuatro Estaciones?).




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4 02 2010
Gridiron Grub « Green Eggs and Hamlet

[…] for a loop by introducing another feature on GE&H, but here goes.  Last week we started A Day in the Ham and this week it’s Green Eggs.  Yes, my friends, Green Eggs.  Derived from the title of […]

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