Dear Cash

18 01 2010

Dear Cash,

I know you’ve already been officially introduced to the blog world but I want to be the first dog to welcome you to your new life in which my mom’s best friend Amanda and her beau Aaron will take care of you no matter what.

Amanda's new Labrador puppy, Cash.

I welcome you with especially open paws, as up until now they have only had a cat (Trigger, we’ll discuss him some other time).  And you know should learn this old saying – Dogs Rule, Cats Drool!  Cats simply can’t do the work of dogs.  Now, I know you may be a bit worried at the mention of “work,” being that you’re only 11 weeks old.  Well, take it from me (a wiser and more handsome 17 month old), this work is the best kind because you get stuff in return.  All you have to do is unquestionably love and be loyal to Amanda and Aaron, your humans.  Be kind and polite to other humans too but A & A are always your first priority.

"Pay attention, this is important."

You may be asking, “but what do I get in return for all of this hard work?”  Well, you’ll feel happier than you ever have before.  (“Happy” is that warm, fuzzy feeling that you get when good stuff happens.)  First, you’ll learn new things like sit, stay, come, down, and anything else A & A can cram into that always-on-the-go puppy brain of yours.  Second, I know you’re a baby so you may not remember everything, but coming from a shelter and a foster home you must be confused as to why you keep moving around.  Well, worry no more because you’re here to stay.  Aaron and Amanda are your humans and they are always on your side, are always looking out for you, and will always do so.

"Make yourself at home because you are."

Finally, have fun.  This is the beginning of your new life – it’s awesome!  I’m doing the rope dance in celebration.

"Jumping up and down and rearing up on your hind legs shows the humans that you're excited."

Oh, and one more thing, in addition to your standard food, water, and shelter, you get all kinds of great extras like treats, the occasional scrap of human food (just wait – you’ll love it!) and toys.  I highly recommend squeaky rubber cats as the best toys but that football you’ve got looks like a pretty good start.

Hopefully Shelley will soon spring for my first plane ticket so I can come out to Sacramento and meet you dog-to-dog.  I’ll be the handsome Boston Terrier wearing the tuxedo.  Until then, have fun and don’t go to the bathroom anywhere indoors (for some reason the humans don’t like it and then they cut down on your treats).

Dogs Rule,





4 responses

21 01 2010

Show me a cat that drools?!?!? Seriously!!

5 02 2010
Shelley @ Green Eggs & Hamlet

Cleo drools. I’ve seen it. Check her cat bed.

10 02 2010

What a falsehood! There is no cat bed!

6 06 2012
Sacramento Doggy Dash 2012 « Green Eggs and Hamlet

[…] told me today that she and her husband, Aaron, and their yellow Lab, Cash, are running in the Sacramento Doggy Dash to benefit the Sacramento […]

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