Fall Fido Fashion

22 10 2009

As the cold weather rolls in and we experience our first snows in Colorado, I am thinking of how to keep Hamlet warm while out on our walks.  Enter: Fall fido fashion.  Say that five times fast!

Dog clothing is new to me since growing up my family had a lab/greyhound mix and a lab, both with thick enough coats to keep warm during their bathroom breaks in the winter (they preferred to be inside when it was cold).  However, Ham’s coat is practically non-existent on his underbelly and is rather thin around his neck, legs, and ears.  He is Chilly Willy the Penguin when it’s cold outside, even if we’re only out for five or ten minutes.  So, I’ve been window shopping on this great society of the world wide web and finding all of the apparel that any Hamlet could want.

Here’s a run-down of what Hamlet and I are panting over for fall and winter.

Mascot’s reversible puffer jacket will keep Hamlet warm on cold, snowy days.  It doesn’t hurt that it’s super fashionable either!  The red and blue color provides a masculine touch.

Mascot's Reversible Puffer Jacket

Mascot's Reversible Puffer Jacket

Beantown Handmade’s shop on Etsy offers handmade, unique dog apparel and gifts (such cute stationery!) for those looking for something different than what’s available at the PetsMart around the corner.  I love this Beanzilla hat and especially love the picture!  I’m not sure if Hamlet would tolerate a hat, but a girl can dream.  Plus, Beantown Handmade is a member of Etsy for Animals (a group of more than 500 artists who combine their efforts to provide charitable relief to animals) and offers items for the monthly MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue (MABTR) raffle.  And we all know how much Ham and I love MABTR!  Plus, how can you resist a Boston Terrier as cute as their mascot/inspiration/model, Bean?!

Beantown Handmade's Beanzilla Hat (via Etsy).

Bean wearing Beantown Handmade's Beanzilla hat (via Etsy)

I’m totally loving the rough-and-tumble vibe of this skull sweater from Hands N Paws.  I imagine that the boy would like it for its uber-manliness.  However, it’s hand wash or dry clean only and with the way Hamlet sometimes smears a mixture of drool and Purina crumbs, I would have to pass for something machine washable.

Skull Sweater from Hands N Paws

Skull sweater from Hands N Paws

The Climate Changer Fleece by Ruffwear is not onlymachine washable but made of Polartec fleece so is sure to be rugged enough to handle the drool/Purina crumbs mixture as well as anything else Ham can throw its way.  Ruffwear says it’s ideal for clear, cold conditions but I can imagine Hamlet lounging around the house in this sage green beauty (it also comes in black and has a side zipper for easy on-ing and off-ing).

Climate Changer Fleece Coat by Ruffwear

Climate Changer Fleece by Ruffwear

Speaking of Ruffwear, I have been lusting after these Bark’n Boots Skyliner dog boots since before I even had a dog.  That’s the gospel truth and no exaggeration; I do write a blog about my dog so you know I must be pretty dog-obsessed. Blog about my dog, blog about my dog – say that five times fast.  Just look at the Golden Retriever and how comfortable and callus-free she looks tromping around in her Bark’n Boots.  Hammy and I are jealous, my Golden friend, Jealous with a capital J.

Bark'n Boots Skyliner by Ruffwear

Bark'n Boots Skyliner by Ruffwear

So that wraps up this installment of Fall fido fashion.  Hopefully Hamlet and I can pick up some of these warm goods for Christmas.  Hint hint, Santa Claws!

What are you and your dog loving for fall fashion? It could be anything from a new bowl to an additional four-legged friend for the household so spill the beans.

Note: I was not compensated in any way by the companies or individuals listed above.  I simply find their products stylish and worthy of Hamlet’s fashion must-haves.




6 responses

4 11 2009

This is wrong, wrong, WRONG

23 11 2009
Shelley @ Green Eggs & Hamlet

P, you are just anti-dogs-in-clothes! Hamlet needs protection, you may need education! 😉

8 11 2009

This is adorable! Dogs are domesticated animals and some really need protection from extreme weather (such as dogs with little or no hair living in the great white north). Great picks for responsible pet owners 🙂

23 11 2009
Shelley @ Green Eggs & Hamlet

Anne, I totally agree! Before I had Ham, I always thought dog clothes were silly but now I realize that some are a necessity, especially for keeping out the wet and cold.

2 12 2009

We keep our baby Chihuahua warm with a fleece lined coat (“The Great White North” is the name) from Chilly Dogs (www.chillydogs.ca). They’re a small Canadian company and their super cool coats have kept our baby feeling toasty and looking hot (well, to all the lady pooches he sees on his walks). I highly recommend them 🙂

30 12 2009
Shelley @ Green Eggs & Hamlet

Jennifer, thanks for the awesome tip! I will definitely be checking out Chilly Dogs, as I have had much trouble finding that perfect something for The Ham.

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