Look Out, Smokey the Bear

20 08 2009

Eric, a good friend of mine and Mike’s, organized a camping trip for Labor Day weekend – I’m so excited for three days in the Colorado wilderness.  We’re going to Blue Mesa Reservoir in Curecanti National Recreation Area near Gunnison, CO.  Blue Mesa Res is Colorado’s largest body of water (we’re a dry state, people, don’t hate) and is about four and a half hours southwest of Denver.  Hamlet will be an honored guest (by “honored,” I mean four-legged and likes to scent mark on things).  This will be his first camping trip with us and I expect he’ll love it.  Eating food cooked on a campfire (although Ham will be on a dog food only diet after his weekend with Gabe and Kari), sleeping outdoors, running around all day outside – what’s not to love?

About a month ago Mike, Hamlet, some friends, and I went out on Eric and his wife Kelly’s boat on Cherry Creek Reservoir in Denver.  I was so excited to see Hamlet at a big body of water and out on the boat doing his nautical thing.  I knew he would probably be ho-hum about the water part because our previous walks near creeks and ponds, urging him to wade in were not so successful.  I still thought a day at the reservoir would be fun for him and while it was, he was even more ho-hum while riding in the motor boat.  While I had visions of him in a little doggie life vest (not sure where this vision of a vest came from as we don’t own one), sitting on my lap, tongue flapping in the wind, he preferred to lay at Eric’s feet and nap.

This was as lively as Hamlet got while boat riding.
This was as lively as Hamlet got while boat riding.

Good thing our friends Teresa and Steve were there with their yellow Labrador, Gunner, and jazzed things up on shore.

Teresa, Steve, and Gunner.

Teresa, Steve, and Gunner.

Hamlet would wait for Gunner to fetch his buoy and then would try to steal it and take all of the fetching credit.  The buoy was about half the size of Ham so it was quite entertaining.

Gunner Hamlet Cherry Creek Res
Hamlet, ready to steal the glory from Gunner.

Anyway, I am eager to see Hamlet at another, larger reservoir and for an extended period of time to see what he does.  This time I am envisioning some sort of Hamlet versus Smokey the Bear fire extinguishing competition.  Smokey could use his 65 years of knowledge and expertise and Hamlet could use his penchant for peeing outdoors.

A 1940s poster featuring Smokey the Bear. Image from SmokeyBear.com
A 1940s poster featuring Smokey the Bear. Image from SmokeyBear.com
Hamlet Pit Stop
Hamlet showing off his peeing prowess.

I’ll be busy boating, hiking, eating, drinking, sleeping, and sunning so there won’t be any blogging over Labor Day weekend but you can bet I’ll give you the post-camping rundown when I return.  I’m gathering tips for camping with a dog so if you have any good ones or stories, do share!




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