Old Blog, New Tricks

12 08 2009

I don’t know if one month and 19 days (but only four previous posts) counts this blog as “old” (I would say no) but it definitely has a new trick: a new custom header!  You may remember the original header, courtesy of the wonderful Amanda from modernation.


However, after the great Hamlet-got-into-some-human-food email thread, my brother Gabe said, “Since I feel bad about the human food, here is some help with your blog. Love, Gabe” and sent me a couple of options for new custom headers.  I didn’t even ask him – what a great bro I have!  So, you now see the new and improved, black and red, Shakespeare’s Hamlet meets Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham custom header.  A hearty, Hamlet-y thank you goes out to Gabe and his photoshop skills.  I couldn’t have done it without him.  No, literally, I couldn’t have.  I don’t know how to edit photos and don’t own a copy of Photoshop or any other photo editing tools.  Why do you think Amanda created the first one?

Another option Gabe created for the custom header.

Another option Gabe created for the custom header.

You may wonder how I blog without knowing how to edit photos.  The truth is, I fake it.  I use screen shots from Jing for some things and others I just do my best by cropping or resizing.  Other than that (like how Gabe neatly separated Hamlet’s head from his body to create a creepy-but-cool little floating Hamlet head for the header), I have no idea.  The blog was the first step and the photo editing is the next.  Wish me luck.

In the meantime, any tips you’d like to provide regarding custom headers or photo editing?  Comments about the new header and how great my friends and brother are are also welcomed.




One response

24 09 2009

hey, thanks for dropping by my blog! like the new header. 🙂

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